Reevaluating the Priorities of Americans




Reevaluating the Priorities of Americans


The lockdown has caused negative and positive effects for American families, workers and corporations. Relegating Americans to the ranks of the unemployed and requiring them to self-isolate at home has had mixed blessings. No church services; no schools; no entertainment; no sports; no eating at restaurants; mom & pop businesses; people to people jobs (hair, nails, massage, dental and a lot more have been deemed non-essential by the political elite. That means no paychecks, no food, no rent and no longer any viable means of support ultimately causing the shutdown and collapse of the US economy in the name of COVID-19. How convenient. Not to worry because the government willingly handed out a $1,200 stimulus check for each adult and a smaller amount for each qualifying child dependent and unemployed workers were encouraged to apply for unemployment and that made everything all right.


Grocery chains were allowed to open with modified restrictions – hours for senior shoppers, arrows on the floor directing traffic inside the stores. Signs requiring face masks and social distancing. Corporations adapted certain functions to work from home; churches began podcasting services before being allowed to reopen while social distancing and wearing face masks and in some states there was imposed a ban on singing in church. Many areas imposed bans on swimming, walking or hiking in parks.


People are social by nature and human to human contact is what makes us all unique. Being confined at home, away from family and friends Americans turned to social media as one primary way of staying in touch. Enter social media political correctness where shadow banning, fact checking and blocking or removal from the platform became accepted practice of interfering when an alternate way of thinking was expressed.


As domestic terrorist groups began to sweep across America many individuals, corporations and even local and city government politicians began jumping on the political bandwagon attempting to deflect any wrath aimed their way, leading to the political raping of America by toppling historical statues; the burning of police stations and vehicles; murder of law enforcement officers and innocent civilians alike in the name of “offense”. Americans began to see clearly which side of the political fence local and state officials stood.


On the national scale instead of the condemnation of violence, calls to cease and desist what we heard was a national call for more violence aimed at removing President Trump from office and/or preventing his reelection in November. Members of congress have called for the removal and reshaping of our government and our American way of life. Let me say it again – Members of congress have called for the removal and reshaping of our government and our American way of life.  America and the world are at crossroads.


The positives coming out of this shutdown of America far exceed the negatives. Parents turned to home schooling where online courses were available for traditional writing, reading and arithmetic made a comeback, as did teaching social studies, history and world cultures. No longer bound by biased indoctrinational teachings students would learn and develop the necessary skills needed to succeed in the world of today.


We ask God to heal our land and make things right again, but fight tooth and nail as he answers our prayers in a way that will bring honor and glory to him. How much sense does that make? Maybe what we need is to exercise our right to remain silent and let God be God in our lives and over our nation! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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