An Unfathomably Stupid Idea




An Unfathomably Stupid Idea


Well you asked for it, you’ve fought the good fight against common sense and your allies are the Main Stream Media, the United States Congress and The Destructively Progressive Democratic Party and hangers on from the Republican Party. You know who you are, the anti-trump crowd, the no trump – no way, no USA crowd. Political correctness is a disease of the mind that corrupts rational thinking to the point that everything is racist and racism must be destroyed at any and all cost.


The journey to end racism must include renaming everything offensive. Let’s start with terminology that is offensive like calling a spade a spade; referring to sex as offensive; names are offensive; people are offensive; and the thoughts of man are offensive. We must change it all because – 1 person is offended? Well that is offensive to me and I demand that you change nothing.


Yet if you insist let’s start by renaming colleges, sports teams, entertainment, communications, public and private businesses and corporations, cities, counties, states and even the UNITED in our name as it is offensive to someone somewhere sometime and language is offensive.


Do you know that what you say in one language is extremely offensive in another? Name a color that is not even a color that when spoken in one language the used or referred to in another language will make your blood run cold, your temperature rise and may even cause your blood pressure to spike?


Without being specific to an actual year or date (because I don’t really know) a simple peasant working outside in the hot sun caught a glimpse of a stranger moving in the distance. Having never seen anyone like that stranger before the peasant saw that his body appeared to be much darker than his sun darkened skin tone and said this person is mucho negro. When translated into English we would say that person is very black. And many years later we would say, “That’s when the fight started”. In another time and place a family is working on a small patch of ground planting crops to feed themselves later in the year. They are approached by someone riding a horse and not understanding the language they use signs as a language to communicate. Later they are at a country store and say they had a visit with someone whose skin was different, they refer to the rider with red skin. In these two examples there is no malice of thought or racial overtones. Simply people describing other people they have encountered. It happens when one treats another as they want to be treated. During fits of anger and words are exchanged in anger or when someone becomes wanting of what another person has and as such has determined that the other person is undeserving of what they have by the person wanting possession of it then words or terms becomes offensive.


When thoughts turn into words leading to action to change, destroy or erase history or the memory of another and call to it offensive is plain outright dumb, a stupid idea. We are to learn from history not repeat the same mistakes.


You can ban words, rename streets, schools, towns or buildings in the name of racism or call it offensive but you change nothing except confusion. Abraham Lincoln once asked “How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg?” Many answered “Five”. Lincoln replied, “Four legs. No matter if you call the tail a leg, it is still a tail.” (closely and loosely paraphrased).


It is totally irrational, irresponsible and insane to think tearing down or changing historical monuments or changing the names of towns or institutions because you call them offensive or racist. The only thing you have done is put yourself on full display as ignorant of the history you call racist or offensive. It is history and your “offense” of it doesn’t not matter or change it.


It is better to change your attitude about it instead otherwise you run the risk of offending Almighty God, the Creator. After all what matters is what offends God – what he calls Sin! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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