An Open Letter to Colorado Governor Jared Polis

Jared Polis wearing a facemask



An Open Letter to Colorado Governor Jared Polis


Governor Polis,

I see what is happening to America and specifically to Colorado during the COVID-19 pandemic. I understand and share your concern over the increase in case numbers we are seeing being reported.  I do not have an undergraduate degree nor am I a professional in the medical field. However I disagree strongly with your assessment and decision that Colorado needs to be mandated to wear masks or face coverings indoors or in many cases outdoors.


I take the medical advice of doctors, nurses and medical professionals very seriously. Prominent professionals have said that the prolonged wearing of masks may become fatal for those with certain medical issues and the wearing of dirty masks may even cause viral infections that can kill. Recently these same doctors are saying that mandating masks this late in the pandemic is not wise. It should have been done from the beginning, not 4 or 5 months down the road. I tend to agree with them.


Masks and face coverings that are not professional high-grade specifically made for viral infections do not stop the virus, nor do they protect others from getting it. The commonly available cloth or paper masks we see in stores or online are useless to stop the spread. The only useful purpose of these types of masks is to prevent someone who is sneezing or coughing to freely pass germs to others. These masks should be cleaned regularly with soap and water or replaced frequently. Wearing a facemask while driving is dangerous as some drivers may pass out for lack of oxygen.


Recently you called “Selfish Bastards” those refusing to adhere to your mandates. You sir are wrong! What Colorado needs, you cannot mandate through executive orders out of the Governor’s office – Common Sense!


It is common sense to stay home unless you decide to go somewhere for necessity or pleasure.

It is common sense to social distance around strangers.

It is common sense to stay connected with family and friends.

It is common sense to visit the sick and dying in hospitals and nursing homes.

It is common sense to treat others the way you want to be treated.


Governor you have led Colorado down the path of closure by declaring who or what is essential or non-essential and that sir is not yours to determine. Every person is essential and every business began because it was essential for its particular purpose or product. Those deemed non-essential failed by their own merit or lack of it.


I urge you to stop following the pack and lead Colorado into a new era of prosperity by opening up the state WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS. Let us get back to the life of liberty and chasing after the American dream.


I am 70 years old and have spent more than 30 years in Colorado working, raising my family and urging others to come to Colorful Colorado until now. I have a bachelor degree in computer science and a certificate of life-long learning at the school of hard knocks. I am a retired military professional who has lived around the world. What I have seen and experienced tells me that we as Coloradoans and Americans deserve better than this. Open Up Colorado – Do It Now! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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