Dealing Effectively with Vandalism and the Homeless

Where In The World is Jared Polis



Dealing Effectively with Vandalism and the Homeless


This piece is probably one of the hardest I’ve had to write. I recently watched a video showing the vandalism of the state capitol building in Denver, plus the homeless encampments on the streets and city parks nearby.


Watch it here:


It was moving, motivating and heartbreaking. My biggest questions are why?


Why were vandals allowed to target the state capitol and why was it not stopped in its tracks? It’s obvious that windows were broken and graffiti spray painted as high up as vandals could reach. Other nearby buildings had been targeted as well. The grounds around the capital resembled barren wasteland with no grass visible.  There were no state caretakers or groundskeepers. It was embarrassing and heartbreaking.


The video continued showing “tent cities” communities of homeless everywhere doing nothing or helping nobody. Where was the mayor of Denver? Where were Colorado’s state parks and recreation? Where were concerned citizens? Where is local, state and federal law enforcement? Does closing your eyes or turning your head the other way make this all go away? No it does not!


Identifying, locating, apprehending and processing vandals, looters, rioters and criminals must become a top priority to bring law and order back to the streets of Denver and Colorado.


I must admit that I don’t live in Denver and rarely go there unless I have a specific purpose. For more than 30 years I haven’t been deep in downtown Denver or around the capitol building. Now I would never go or recommend anyone to go anywhere near that place. It’s a shame and a disgrace.


What happened when Hickenlooper was governor? What has Polis done since becoming governor about it? Has there been any high level meeting between principal politicians, business leaders and community members to discuss the impact this has on Colorado or the effect on tourism?


Can the governor mandate it through executive action? No it takes real hard working Americans to make a difference. Why hasn’t somebody assembled resources needed to put things back in order? Why have these homeless camps been allowed? This is not San Francisco or Los Angeles, but this is another Democratic run state and Denver is a Democratic run city.


The homeless should be rounded up and told to move on, or put to work for an hourly wage with specific goals to remove graffiti, repair broken or vandalized property, and re-plant grass under the supervision of Parks and Recreation.


There must be an endgame where the homeless are given meaningful employment in exchange for a decent pay, a path to a place to live. Not on the city streets or in parks or abandoned lots. They should receive medical care and properly prepared meals while they are working. They should receive assistance in getting a job after homelessness. We have many state and federal programs available to rehabilitate those willing to be rehabilitated. Canvassing the homeless can uncover felons and troublemakers. Those who are illegally in this country can be identified, apprehended and prepared for deportation back to their home countries. Those who refuse or are unwilling to work will find a way to leave.


Elected officials are charged with upholding public safety, maintaining law and order and keeping their districts, cities and counties clean and safe. Those who fail in those duties must be held personally, punitively and financially accountable. They must strive to maintain public trust. I don’t have all the answers, in fact I don’t even have the questions. I am the Real Truckmaster!


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