The Fantasy of Politically Correct Sports



The Fantasy of Politically Correct Sports


I’m not a season ticket holding, die-hard sports fan but to be fair I think everything needs to change starting at the top. Since these the 32 teams in the National Football League that has recently capitulated their National standing by allowing players to wear never before allowed patches and kneeling during the National  Anthem which is offensive to Americans nationwide. They should be called or nationally rated, but simply known as the Football League, no longer needed are the colors of the red, white and blue, but just white and black since everything not revolves around those colors (which are really colors at all, now are they)?



Football League


Today the franchise announced that the Washington Redskins will officially be called Washington Football Team and I think it’s great. In fact let us help spread the wealth to all 32 football teams and even to baseball, volleyball and basketball teams.




Washington Football Team


Don’t forget we started naming teams in elementary, middle and high schools. When the PC dysfunction comes a knocking be prepared to dispense with all the birds, animals and pirate stuff and call them as they should be:





Arizona Football Team


Atlanta Football Team


Carolina Football Team


Chicago Football Team


Dallas Football Team


Detroit Football Team


Green Bay Football Team


Los Angeles Football Team 1


Minnesota Football Team


New Orleans Football Team


New York Football Team 1


Philadelphia Football Team


San Francisco Football Team 1


Seattle Football Team


Tampa Bay Football Team


Baltimore Football Team


Buffalo Football Team


Cincinnati Football Team


Cleveland Football Team


Denver Football Team


Houston Football Team


Indianapolis Football Team


Jacksonville Football Team


Kansas City Football Team


Las Vegas Football Team


Los Angeles Football Team 2


Miami Football Team


New England Football Team


New York Football Team 2


Pittsburgh Football Team


Tennessee Football Team



Don’t worry about all the NFL stuff you spent a fortune on because you only need to blacken out the logo so you can keep the same colors. Isn’t this going to be fun? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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