Yes You Can Lead a Horse to Water




Yes You Can Lead a Horse to Water


It’s kind of like “Yes Virginia there is a Santa Clause” only different. If I‘ve written one I’ve written a hundred articles about Democratic corruption in Congress and in American politics. The stories all seem to be the same old thing over and over again. The only thing new is the way Democratic politicians think they’ve discovered a new way to defeat Trump.


From the onset Trump went from Bling Bling to Zing Zing once he announced his intent to run not just for politics but for the highest prize in politics – the Presidency of the United States, after all he wasn’t even a politician and they probably thought he didn’t know how politics even worked. They were right about one thing for sure – Trump wasn’t a politician.


They were dead wrong by thinking Trump didn’t know how politics worked. He had been pulling their political strings for years as he used the political climate when it was to his political favor. When thrown obstacles by local politicians Trump even used mob backed teamsters to pull an end run around those politically smart politicians and got what he needed as Frank Sinatra would have said, “I did it my way”.


It was as if Trump prepared his entire life for this moment in time. Early on he raised his children not as privileged rich kids, although by American standards they most certainly were, but on the job in the construction industry at the bottom. When asked they would readily admit to going to work and doing the hard stuff the down and dirty work for many years before ever moving up in the family business.


When it became time he knew who would replace him at the helm and who he could rely on to become special advisors in the Trump Administration. He trained them well and they would never let him down as he pledged as president to never let Americans down.


America is on the eve of the 2020 presidential election and over the past 4+ years we have witnessed unprecedented number of personal and political attacks meant to destroy his reputation, degrade his family and sink his presidency. Politicians do not recover from these kinds of attacks, yet Trump is not your run of the mill politicians.


The latest attack on the Trump Administration came yesterday as House Democrats demanded the US Attorney General appear before them and answer truthfully their questions. What happened was vastly different than when Chairman Nadler gave his opening remarks meant to nail AG Barr to the barn door, as he unwittingly left the barn door open but forgot to bring the nails. As we saw in the impeachment of the president, the atmosphere in the House chamber was that of a circus. Democrats rapidly fired questions at AG Barr and as he began to respond, they would “reclaim their time” and do it again, then one after another, time and time again without providing sufficient time to hear any answer given, and often before it had been given. On the other hand Republicans began showing videos of the violence being perpetuated against Americans in cities across the nation, while listing the baseless charges from Democrats against the president and his administration and backing up the actions of the Trump Administration’s DOJ.


It is obvious that the Democratic Political Playbook contains but a single sentence or paragraph: “Defeat Trump at any cost, refer to Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals and use pictures.”


This entire article is my opinion and I’m very happy to share it with you. The Democratic Party in supporting Domestic Terrorist Groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter and a host of other fascistic gangs are encouraging America’s demise as a Suicide by Proxy or more aptly called Suicide by Cop.


The political leftists have hijacked peaceful protests and quickly orchestrated rioting, burning, looting and increased attacks on innocent civilians, responding law enforcement as well as personal, private and public buildings in an effort to discredit the Trump administration and demoralize his supporters.


Mayors, city council members, and Governors have stood up with the lawless while abandoning their citizens. They have restricted and in many cases chosen to reduce funding of law enforcement. Some have restrained LEOs from using NON-LETHAL FORCE to control rioting crowds. That leaves two choices, use lethal force or do nothing! Governors have the power to bring in the National Guard to restore law and order, but mostly do not.


When ordered into rioting cities to protect federal property DOJ taskforces are resisted by the very mayors, city councils and Governors who failed to take appropriate action to prevent rioting in the first place. These are Democratic politicians who conspire together AGAINST the use of federal LEOs.


Keep in mind America is in month 4 of nationwide lockdowns, times of social distancing, masks wearing and combatting the use of life saving medications that can reduce the death toll from this COVID-19 virus that has been politically weaponized in this election year 2020.


As more Americans are tested for the COVID-19 virus, the death rate is far lower than expected. In fact it is much lower than we are seeing from the flu or from doctor assisted murder of aborted babies COMBINED.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that the virus is a hoax. The COVID-19 virus is real. The treatments are real, some are real good and some are real bad. Panic is not a treatment. Mixing politics with medicine is bad medicine. What is also bad medicine is putting your trust in a man or a medicine. Man will fail you. Man cannot heal you. Man cannot guarantee your outcome. Medicine cannot heal you and if used improperly it can kill you. Without God there is no hope. Place your trust in God, he has everything under control. Only God can heal your body and your soul. If you’re a believer there is hope, God can heal you or take you into his presence.


What will be interesting is how American’s respond to the increased panic and fear over the next 90+ days until November 3, 2020. Will they vote for the party promoting this panic and fear that has no answer, no plan or idea how to proceed going forward?


Or will voters vote for the party or more specifically the candidates who offer hope of a brighter future and have a plan to move America forward? More American voters are becoming “woke” to the fact that not everything you hear or read online, in the news or by third parties is in fact true. It is not possible to even trust the “fact checkers” at various social media sites as many times they are simply parroting political talking points. Yes you can lead a horse to water………I am the Real Truckmaster!



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