Why Must You Explain Doing Right?




Why Must You Explain Doing Right?


Recently Orlando Magic Forward Jonathon Isaac stood during the National Anthem prior to the game while all other players took a knee. Since when must someone explain doing the right thing?


Steelers Defensive End Stephon Tuitt recently explained why he stands as a proud American and will continue to honor his country and set an example for his children to stand for what they believe in.


In 2017 Steelers Alehandro Villanueva a US Army Veteran and former Captain chose to defiance of the team by standing during the National Anthem, was severely reprimanded and team shamed until he issued a public apology for defying other members of the team.


During an international competition of the US Women’s Volleyball Kelly O’Hara sprang into action to rescue the American flag.


US Women’s Volleyball team captain Megan Rapinoe did quite the opposite by dishonoring the nation she represented on foreign soil.


Answer me this: Since when has kneeling become the norm and honoring the nation, its symbols and traditions something to be avoided in the United States of America?


Every player who kneeled should have had to explain why they chose to be disrespectful before being terminated. I don’t know if the blame is totally on the players, after all they’re only doing what they see others do, right? Pier shaming is now the new normal in professional sports. Football players do it. Baseball players do it. Basketball players do it. Race car drivers do it. Volleyball players do it. I’ll bet even professional swimmers too?


This started after President Trump made a statement that those dishonoring the flag or national anthem should be fired after the Kapearnick incident on national television in 2017.


At that particular time in our nation’s history public display of national disrespect became acceptable. Did it begin at home? How can that be when Kapearnick came from a wealthy, privileged family? Did they fail to teach American history in his upper class preppy school? Maybe he’s simply a victim of white privilege?


Even the National Football League made a decision, as did the owners, coaches and managers of many professional sports teams to error on the side of disrespect by allowing political discord onto the sidelines, into the dugouts and even onto player’s uniforms.


It is time for everyone to stop allowing herd mentality to govern doing the wrong thing for any reason. The answer is simple, if you don’t like where you live move. If you feel oppressed living in the United States then go somewhere else with hundreds of countries to choose from finding a suitable place should be easy – don’t forget to bring and wear a mask.


Call me old fashion or a relic of the past but there are things you don’t do around me.

Don’t take the name of the Lord in vain

Don’t act stupid.

Don’t cuss.

Don’t chew.

Don’t go out with women that do.

Don’t mess with my family.

Don’t disrespect or abuse the elderly (anyone older than you).

Don’t mistreat animals.


Honor the United States of America

Honor the Constitution of the United States

Honor the President and Vice President

Honor the Flag,

Honor the National Anthem


Respect the symbols of our nation’s history (statues)

Respect mom and dad (grands too)

Respect brothers and sisters (everyone)

Treat others fairly and with the utmost respect


It may have been fig Newton who said for every action there are consequences.

Newton’s Law of Motion: To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction:

Disrespect has very real yet often unequal consequences. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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