Illiteracy Shackles the Mind


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Illiteracy Shackles the Mind


Can someone be educationally illiterate or an educated illiterate? You know what I’m referring to a virtual know-it-all who knows absolutely nothing of which he’s claims. In the military they are the ones who rise to the top of their professional educational class, have checked off all the boxes and gotten them all correct yet when putting it into practice “hands-on” they fall flat on their face. We used to say they couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time. Meaning they couldn’t walk and chew gum.


The same thing happens with political correctness. It is often smooth flowing words without engaging the analytical thought process. Someone might say something like “get yourself in gear by putting your finger in your ear”. Pretty soon someone else says it and others begin to chime in and then you have a mob walking around with their finger in their ear thinking they are getting themselves in gear. It might work for a little while until you try walking through a doorway, into a crowded elevator and someone pushes your arm to get the door closed. Closed door, open mind – literally as the finger protrudes into the ear cavity causing serious damage. Remember the woman who murdered her husband by feeding him drain cleaner and blaming it on President Trump who touted hydroxychloroquine? Whatever happened to her? Being illiterate doesn’t mean being stupid, quite the contrary, it just means being smart about the wrong thing.


See what’s happened with the political correctness craze, or should I say crazies. Someone claims ducks are offended by a Portland football team known as “The Ducks” and demands they change their name. Rather than some corporate executive or football coach explain the art of pounding salt, someone decides that ducks are being offended. In fact at football practice a flyover of offended ducks quacking madly “CHANGE THE NAME” in duck talk caused the water boy to have a social meltdown. So it is decided that the new name will be the “Portland Quakers”. That is until The Religious Order of the Quakers raises a ruckus.


Taken to the extreme the American English language will have to be seriously pared down because we have too many words that mean different things in other languages. In fact many of our words come from other languages.


But suppose we take things literally we’d have to stop calling it French bread unless it is made in France.

For sure French fries made at McD’s would have to be called something else too.

How about authentic Italian pizza, made in Brooklyn?

Popeye’s chicken couldn’t be called Popeye’s unless someone could verify that Popeye really made it.

Baby powder couldn’t be called that unless you could show powdered baby stuff in its composition.

Frankfurt, Kentucky would have to be renamed because it isn’t in Germany.

New York would have to be renamed unless you can show where on the map is Old York?

African-Americans could no longer be called that because unless they were born in Africa it is too offensive to claim to be from the African Continent, when you are actually from the American Continent and those two are vastly and geographically different.

All the names of American cities, counties, states and/or territories that are in a foreign language would have to be renamed to something uniquely American. There could be no Snake River winding across Idaho and Oregon unless it could be named after a non-threatening type of snake who is not offended.


Have you had enough? I sure have and that’s one more reason to get off this PC kick and start thinking of ways to make America a much better, safer and nicer place to live and raise a family. It’s too bad that every time someone raises the PC banter, he or she could simply be beamed over to another country and become their own problem?


Ask any new American citizen why they came to America and I’ll bet they don’t say to become Politically Correct and make everyone uneasy when I’m around. Conversely take any PC American and place them in a foreign country that they choose and see how far being PC takes them?


That’s why I say Illiteracy Shackles the Mind and Political Correctness is the manifestation of the disease of Illiteracy. Don’t just take my word for it. Look around and see for yourself. Do you want to be the one calling 911 because momma isn’t wearing a mask? Momma can handle a switch or a belt very effectively before the PC police can show up to rescue your sorry behind. It might just be time to drop out of charm school, leave mommas basement and get a J-O-B? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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