So Tell Me Again?

So Tell Me Again?


Let’s see…. I’m from Idaho and I sometimes have a hard time understanding how a deadly virus can be contained by a piece of cloth? After spending more than 20 years in the military and training with the deadly CS gas and running around Europe in MOPP level 4 gear in anticipation of nuclear biological and chemical warfare here we are facing the most deadly virus known to man in 2020 – the “Corona”, named after a beer?


We are just now finding out that it was created by the Communist Chinese Party’s military laboratory in Wuhan, China but politicians are afraid of offending the CCP so we aren’t allowed to call it the Chinese Virus or the WuFlu.


Along with millions of other Americans I would like to know why there are no hazardous materials containers on every block and every street corner of every city in every state in the nation to contain the spread of a virus when flimsy paper throw away face coverings are THROWN AWAY.


I see them in hospitals and doctor offices when going in for an exam or treatment. They are clearly marked HAZMAT. We even have teams wearing full HAZMAT suits when cleaning up fuel spills on the highways.


But we’re supposed to think that the Corona or to be politically correct the COVID-19 virus is so deadly that it will kill EVERYBODY unless we wear a paper, throw away face covering?


Seriously, I understand that people are getting the virus and there is cause for alarm. We must take precautions like staying away from those who are sick (common sense). We must cover our mouths and nose when we cough (common sense). We must regularly clean our hands and face with soap and water to prevent the virus from getting into our bodies (common sense). When we feel sick we see a doctor to determine what treatment will combat our symptoms (common sense).


It is time for us to use common sense as adults to insure we are keeping ourselves and others around us safe. We must continue to teach our children about sanitation and cleanliness. Teachers and school administration we must ensure our schools are kept clean and safe for students and staff. City officials we must insure that our cities are safe for everyone. That must include keeping trash and human waste off the streets and out of storm drains, creeks, rivers and drinking water supplies. County and state officials who must insure everywhere is safe for residents and visitors alike. Federal government manages national lands and parks to insure they are safe places for tourists. We must keep things in proper perspective.


We have dealt with viruses like the flu and other “pandemics” for years. It seems to be when the government gets involved that everything is a major crisis. New procedures have to be thought of and enacted. Enforcement MUST be done to insure these procedures are followed TO THE LETTER OF THE LAW (even when it isn’t even a law). There must be fear police to stoke the fires of fear, and see that people are adequately afraid.


It’s time for all of us to get on with living. The only sure thing in life is that death will overtake us all and we will never get out of here alive! Don’t bother to reply or say that I’m full of it. I’ve been called many things by many people and yes I’ve been full of sarcasm from the time I was born (ask my brothers). – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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