Sad Times in Our Country?

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Sad Times in our Country?


The outcome of the November presidential election has folks jittery on all sides of the political spectrum. They fear that if Trump is not re-elected he will refuse to leave office or he will cry loudly “Voter Fraud” and contest the election. Others fear that if Biden wins the election he will effectively be a straw president unable to uphold the office of President and a call to enact the 25th Amendment would replace him with whoever becomes his VP running mate. Still another fear is the race is too close to call for obvious reasons and neither candidate take the required number of votes from the Electoral College and the Speaker of the House becomes President. We have less than 90 days before American voters head to the polls or cast their mail in ballots.


The stakes of the nation are extremely heightened by the domestic terroristic tactics of groups like Antifa headquartered in Portland, Oregon and the Black Lives Matter movement based out of Seattle, Washington. Both have been flexing their muscles in their respective cities for some time.


The George Floyd event in Minneapolis, Minnesota was a spark that ignited peaceful protest by community organizers joined by BLM and Antifa’s domestic terrorists quickly turning into vandalism, assaults and even murder before full-fledged rioting, looting and burning of businesses and local government and police offices, vehicles and attacks upon Law Enforcement Officers that has since spread into civil disobedience on a nationwide scale.


The resulting reaction from political figures (governors and mayors in every affected cities and states have been to side with the “protestors” and order LEOs to stand down while innocent bystanders are physically assaulted by Antifa wearing BLM clothing and carrying BLM banners. Police precincts have been vandalized and LEOs and others have been locked inside as buildings were set on fire. Clearly attempted murder by lawless rioters yet no action was taken to condemn or to stop it. Governors failed to call in their National Guard to restore law and order. While nobody wanted a repeat of Kent State nobody stood on the side of law and order or public safety as more LEOs were ordered to stand down.


Next were chants to defund the police and abolish the police which should have been quickly squelched by local officials. Instead mayors made a show of reducing the salaries and operating budged of local LEOs. Some mayors even marched with the “protestors” while their bewildered LEOs were forced to look the other way. Even as police vehicles were destroyed, buildings ignited and officers assaulted and murdered. Governors and mayors went so far as to allow “protest zones” within the inner cities and likened them to summer lovefests or some such nonsense.


When the DOJ began sending in federal taskforces to protect federal property and to ensure the safety of government employees and citizens a cry was heard all the way to the White House. The cry was not to thank President Trump but to demand federal “Stormtroopers” leave immediately.


I may have missed a few things but in my opinion the rioters of Antifa, BLM and other Fascist and Marxist groups actively participating in the civil unrest are not exercising any of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. They are conducting criminal acts and Sedition, possibly even Treason against US Government officials while threatening to topple the sitting President of the United States.


Here is something to think about with the rioters. (I’m not going to continue calling them protestors as they passed that mark a long time ago). We see the media showing BLM mostly “peaceful protesting” where white people are passing themselves off as BLM protestors, while vandalism is done by black looters in the name of BLM are simply hungry and looting for bread. How much bread is there in the high end computer stores, automobile sales lots and Walmart, Target or other stores that are stripped of high end electronics typically in Democratic lead cities? Why are groups of men and women brandishing and pointing guns menacingly at motorists and preventing them from passing by? After targeting the inner cities, and moving into the suburbs, primarily into rich neighborhoods they attempt to provoke a police response.


This weekend how many were killed and wounded in Chicago without so much as a whimper from the media, yet when a suspect fires on police and police return fire, then it’s considered grounds to vandalize and loot more high end stores in downtown Chicago?


These are the groups dedicated to creating chaos across America and all the while Americans are still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are social distancing, wearing face coverings and staying safe at home while either being unemployed or attempting to keep our businesses afloat. We have schools that have been closed way too long. Our churches and places of worship are shuttered or allowed to open with unrealistic restrictions while bars, casinos and fast food establishments are allowed to open with far less restrictions. There is concern, not that rioters are social distancing or wearing face coverings or restricting the number of rioters who can attend any of their “events”.


Democratic politicians have not openly opposed them, yet threaten Americans who don’t follow their “COVID-19 protocol”. Tell police to stand down for rioters, but arrest someone for not wearing a mask is simply ridiculous. The concern is whether people can move about outdoors freely without social distancing, wearing face coverings or dancing in the streets that might cause the virus to spread. You can’t have it both ways, yet we do.


The criminal acts and those who organize, finance, lead and participate are criminals and should be locked up. Politicians (any elected or appointed) who encourage aid, abet or enable lawlessness are just as guilty as if they personally participated in the assaults, murder and rioting. They should resign or be removed from office, charged, tried and when convicted sentenced according to the seriousness of the charge(s) and they should be held personally and criminally responsible.


I personally don’t think masks work. They don’t stop any viruses. They don’t offer any sort of protection. If worn without being cleaned properly can lead to far worse problems. There is no reason anyone who is hiking in the mountains, fishing in a lake, riding a bike or driving in a car or traveling with family and friends should wear a mask. Going into close proximately to others in a mall or grocery story common sense should prevail. Adults have the capacity to make decisions based upon their individual circumstances and understand the consequences of their actions.


Now about the election and mail in voting, some states have been using mail in voting or absentee ballots for years. When they are done correctly and honestly it offers folks the ability to vote when they otherwise would have been unable to.


What doesn’t make sense is mandating mail in voting for everyone. (It’s like Medicare for all, free stuff for all and anything else for all). There are several reports of millions of ballots coming back as undeliverable or even being mailed to outdated addresses. Think of all the wasted funds? It would have been easier if each state would validate their voter rolls databases. If there are more votes cast than there are registered voters or voters casting multiple ballots that can be a problem?


Now here’s something to think about. What if it becomes a contested race and no clear winner is outright elected who becomes president – Pelosi – what if she is voted out of office too? How is that addressed in the Constitution? Yeah that might open a really big can-of-worms.


Historically Americans step up when the going gets tough. A great number of men and women hunt, own guns and who would willingly step up if law enforcement is unwilling or unable to provide protection and security in our country. We have seen in recent weeks where thugs with guns decide to go into an area they are unfamiliar with and are met with an overwhelming force. Some of these encounters ended up by the aggressor being outmatched or outsmarted.


Not too long ago there were incidents in Colorado Springs where Antifa and BLM were doing their thing with blocking traffic on the interstate and messing around downtown taunting police. Some of these folks decided to head to where the super-max prison was located and were met by townsfolks who made it clear they were not wanted. The group rolled into town, stopped at the city hall where they took some pictures and hurriedly got back in the vans and left without saying goodbye.


This country has always been divided – law abiding vs lawlessness. So long as law and order prevail things are good, but when lawlessness is allowed to flourish – not so good. Our enemies are attacking covertly and with surrogates like we see on the news. Groups like BLM and Antifa did not just appear out of nowhere, but are international terrorist groups conducting domestic terrorism activities on the streets of our nation. What they have experienced thus far is silence from the liberal left and even a weird kinship with Democratic politicians who’d rather side with them, than stand up and say enough!


It doesn’t matter which party wins in November, the domestic terrorist groups have promised to EXPLODE into more radical terrorist activities after the election. One group is threatening to occupy the White House next month for 57 days. That won’t work out well for them. So unless they are identified and their leadership rounded up, prosecuted and sentenced for sedition or an appropriate sentence there will be open warfare on our streets.


This election is less than 90 days away and the outcome will affect the nation going forward.


If Democrats win overwhelmingly the Legislative and Executive Branches the nation will fail because their same failed Democratic policies of the past are still failed policies.


If Republicans win overwhelmingly the Legislative and Executive Branches the nation has a better chance of recovering economically but we must get the nation opened up and back to normal.


We cannot live in fear of – what if – that is not who we are as a nation or a people. We will pull together drain the swamp completely and remove deep state operatives to be identified and prosecuted for this ongoing coup. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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