Art of the Political Debate




Art of the Political Debate


In the mid-1960s during my high school years in Southwestern Idaho I wasn’t into arguing (except with my three brothers), confrontations or the high school debate team. I was the skinny, shy kid who got picked on by school bullies. That was until Chuck moved into town from Oakland, California. Chuck had been a golden gloves boxer and we were in the same Civil Air Patrol class. Chuck found out about my bully problem one Friday as I was preparing to go off campus to get my butt kicked. Chuck said he would go as my proxy and then my bully problem ceased.


During my military years order and discipline were bred into every facet of training until it became a way of life. There was no discussion. Orders came from above, through the lieutenant and then the sergeant and we did as we were told. If you questioned those orders it wasn’t considered debating, it was insubordination and extra duty was handed out liberally for those who needed reinforcement. As I moved up the ladder I became the sergeant and I expected immediate compliance to the orders I gave.


After the military I worked at various jobs and always did my best to insure there were no complaints for the work I did. It didn’t always work out. There were times when my bosses were just plain wrong. My trying to show them the error of their ways often backfired.


Politics is a whole different animal and although they call it a political debate, it is usually a televised spectacle where each side attacks their political opponent. It is more akin to a street fight where anything goes and civility goes right out the window.


Instead of a moderator asking a question and each side argue their side in a real debate.


I watched as questions are being asked, but the answer is a flat out attack on the opponent’s character as what happened in the RNC Presidential Debates for the 2016 election. The first debate had candidates united against their political opponent – Democrat Hillary Clinton. After that it was Donald Trump on the offensive attacking each of his Republican opponents until he was literally the last man standing.


When the debates began between opposing political party candidates Clinton and Trump the moderator at one point proceeded to give candidate Clinton the question before hand as evidenced by her readily available answers. Candidate Trump did not see the questions prior and had to think fast in providing answers.


What I wanted to hear then and what I want to hear now are the presidential candidates for the 2020 election telling me what they will do for my family and the country. How do they stand on these and other issues that are important to me?


Will they back our nations Law Enforcement Officers?

Will they bring God back into the public square?

Will they bring jobs back to the US?

Will they bring manufacturing back to US soil?

Will they hold accountable and punish lawbreakers?

Will they make healthcare both accessible and affordable?

Will they open up the country safely?

Will they provide safety and security for my family?

Will they raise my taxes?

Will they shut down abortion clinics like Planned Parenthood?

Will they stop the violence sweeping our nation?

Will they support and defend the Constitution?


I don’t want to hear lies or sweet sounding words pandering to get my vote. I want to hear how they feel about these and other subjects, and what are they prepared to do about backing up their answers.


We are a nation of people, different backgrounds and political parties. We should be a nation that can discuss our political differences calmly as civilized human beings, then go out and have a burger or share a pizza or shop at the same store without hostile and uncivilized discourse between us. We don’t have to like each other’s position on any issue, but we should still remain friends. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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