The USPS Course Correction

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The USPS Course Correction


I don’t buy into the false premise hoisted by congressional democrats and others who say the Post Master General Louis DeJoy is doing President Trumps bidding in order to inhibit mail delivery of ballots in the 2020 election, thereby insuring a Republican victory. That would be attempting to influence an election and that would be wrong.


What is also attempting to influence an election is pandering fear and spreading lies about the President and/or the USPS without knowing any of the “facts” or in the case of congress actually knowing what they are spreading are not facts but outright lies. So are media headlines about “Trumps war on the USPS” threatening to withhold funding to stop mail-in ballots from getting to the polls in time?


The Constitution states that voting is a right of US citizens. Registered voters know they must exercise that right so their one and only vote can be counted. Military personnel and those who are absent from their precinct are able to request absentee ballots be sent to their current address where they can vote early and mail those ballots back to their home precinct.


Postal officials have declared that if they can manage 25M Christmas Cards during the holidays they can surely handle processing ballots for the election, as they have always done in the past. They have said there is no shortage of funding that will impact processing mail well into 2021 should additional funding not be approved until then.


One big “issue” according to congressional democrats is the removal of big blue mail collection boxes by Postal employees in certain areas. This is not seen as a cost saving measure or relocating boxes to new construction or areas sorely needing but not having these collection boxes available.


Everyone knows that the cost of postage has been going up steadily every year and it is now close to $0.50 to mail a letter, as inflation rises, so do postage rates.


Congressional democrats and their media lackeys would have you to believe that President Trump appointed the PMG to do his dirty work. How uninformed they must be to not know that the 75th Post Master General Louis DeJoy was appointed by the USPS Board of Governors in June 2020. Oops!


Mr. DeJoy has spent more than 35 years growing and managing a successful nationwide logistics company. As Chairman and CEO of New Breed Logistics, he has spent decades in collaboration with the USPS, Boeing, Verizon, Disney, United Technologies and other public and private companies to provide supply chain logistics, program management and transportation support. New Breed Logistics was a contractor for the USPS for more than 25 years, supplying logistics support for multiple processing facilities. The company received Quality Supplier Awards from the USPS on four separate occasions.


In 2014, New Breed merged with XPO Logistics and DeJoy served as CEO of XPO Logistics’ supply chain business in the Americas before his retirement in December 2015. He then served on the company’s board of directors until 2018.


As PMG, DeJoy has committed to creating a long-term, viable operating model for the Postal Service that will insure the organization can fulfill its public service mission while remaining self-sustaining.


DeJoy is a member of the Board of Trustees at Elon University in North Carolina and the Fund for American Studies in Washington, DC. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Stetson University.


I can see why he was nominated by the USPS Board of Governors to head USPS. In my humble opinion he is exactly the right man for the job at this critical time in the USPS transformation process. For those who say he has no experience with USPS I say bullhockey.


During the Presidency of George W. Bush the Postal Service began to change with the Postal Act of 2006, the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act is the first major legislative change to the Postal Service since 1971. It significantly changed how the USPS operates and conducts business. The Act provided new flexibility in competitive pricing for shipping services, enabling the Postal Service to respond to dynamic market conditions and changing customer needs for packages.


As the Postal Service has worked to implement the Act, modernize its business, and take advantage of new opportunities for growth, it has remained loyal to the principles established to help guide implementation of the Act. The Postal Service’s mission remains the same: to provide trusted, universal service at affordable prices.


I believe that continued change is not only inevitable but necessary for the USPS. When businesses fail it can be a combination of leadership, politics or the union and because the Postal Service is such a huge operation there has to be a time for someone has to step in and determine what went wrong and how to fix it.  The unique problem with the Postal Service is that it is a government agency with bureaucratic red tape and congressional oversight.


President Trump in 3 ½ years began reducing bureaucratic red tape almost immediately after the inauguration in 2017. So for congress to blame the President for something they have had hands on with congressional oversight is a bit much, even 83 days before a major presidential election.


The real reason for all the fuss was not for Speaker Pelosi to bring the House back in session to help Americans affected by this global pandemic, but to try one more time to place the blame of her attempt to create panic over voters not having their voices heard because it’s not safe to vote in person.


Give me a break, give me a break, just hand me a piece of that ice cream bar. The one Speaker Pelosi has stashed in the $17,000 freezer in her home in San Francisco. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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