Time Waits for Nobody




Time Waits for Nobody


Here we are on the eve of the most important presidential election in the history of our nation. The candidates have stated their goals, plans and aspirations for the transformation of America. In essence battle lines have been drawn. There is no in between, you are either for or against them based on your assessment of their political track record or your perception of their character.


Forget all the smoke and mirrors tactics of past elections. Disregard all the hype coming out of the media, across the internet, television or radio. The ads are designed to draw you in by making you feel good or feel bad depending on which side of the political spectrum you support. What matters is whether either candidate supports your basic core values or religious beliefs.


Maybe I’m a realist, or just a plain old fantasist call me whatever fits your narrative but I believe the cup is half full so that we as patriotic Americans can fill it back up with what’s important to us. The sweat of hard work is sweet when providing for family, having a safe environment to raise our children, grandchildren and their children and being able to go to a place to worship God as I choose.


I believe in the rule of law as defined by the US Constitution. The right to peaceful assembly is not the right to bring anarchy and chaos to our doorstep, just know that you will be stopped.


I also believe that when you throw your hat into the political arena you shine a spotlight on yourself. Good, bad or indifferent the reflection is you. Don’t seek political power to gain financially at the expense of your constituents. Say what you mean. Do what you said you would. Treat everyone as you wish to be treated. Put others before yourself. Politics is more than just a game and it should be seen as a means to make life better for everyone.


I consider mandating a threatening act and I don’t like to be threatened. I consider lying as lying and I don’t like to be lied to. Giving your word is more important than signing your name to a written lie with no intent to honor it.


Professions I watch out for: Doctors, Lawyers and Politicians – each have their place and are needed at times, yet all are dispensable. Never mess with or in mom’s kitchen. Never tee off your barber, cook, dentist, or undertaker. Customer Service means exactly that – serve to satisfy your customer.


American’s have a choice on November 3rd – to vote or not. Inform yourself on the issues (taxes, welfare, public safety, abortion and every issue important to you) and how each candidate stands on those issues. Then when you vote you then have the right to complain or challenge your elected officials on their conduct in office. When you do not vote (no matter the reason) you forfeit that right and should just remain silent. Voting is a right of citizenship. Choosing to not vote is giving up that right.


When politicians promise to fix things, look at their political track record? Are their promises things they could or should have already done or are their promises things they have been doing to or for Americans? Keep in mind there are no PERFECT politicians. Politics is a game of compromises (give up to get). Are you better off now, than you were before? – I am the Real Truckmaster!





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