Everybody Wants a Civil War – Until




Everybody Wants a Civil War – Until


We see it on social media, in news reports and political press releases as aggressors are victimized and victims are demonized when violence is confronted. Remember when then President Obama brought the police officer and the “victim” to the White House for a beer together,  was it to make amends or to lord over LEOs that the president stands on the side of the offender?


When did politics and law enforcement come together – when we were told that someone mailed suspicious packages to various Democratic legislators and high profile movie stars, then within a relatively short period of time an arrest was made with a white van, remember? The story was leaked to the press and even though picture released were of two different white vans, case closed – bad guy arrested and the story forgotten in the annals’ of history.


Every arrest or apprehension of a bad guy by LEOs was turned into a racial thing. Should it result in the death of the bad guy (offender) it soon became a bad cop thing? What started out as raise your hands and turn around became hands up don’t shoot, remember?


What about the ambush and murder of LEOs called to a potential crime, only to be turned into a crime scene? Officers sitting in their vehicles, shot by unknown suspects and nobody was arrested. When officers responding to a radio call were met with violence ending up in their murder, where was the media outrage?


Sanctuary City Violence in places like Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington where LEOs were told to stand down and only observe, turned quiet streets into chaos and terror for business owners and residents alike. Elected officials sided with criminals and domestic terrorists and demanded federal law enforcement not enter their cities.


Governors activated National Guard military police units in the District of Columbia WITHOUT WEAPONS. What were they supposed to do – dance? Yes that’s what they did because standing around looking like defanged kitty cats made a mockery of our military. Local establishments contaminated food and drink being sold to these soldiers, intent on making them sick or even die from broken glass in pizzas or cleaning solution in drinks – was anybody arrested or charged? No – it was just a mistake!


The offender in Minneapolis was a convicted criminal attempting to commit a crime of using counterfeit currency. Upon being arrested he appeared to be murdered by a bad cop who placed his knee on the neck of the offender for an excessive amount of time. The reaction was one of anger and fear that this bad cop would get away with murder, so he was fired and then charged. Turns out the man died of a drug overdose, confirmed by autopsy. By then the damage had already been done.


BLM and Antifa groups began expanding their campaign of terror and chaos across the nation in the name of George Floyd who became an instant “hero”, idolized by politicians and the media as his funeral was live streamed and law enforcement was publicly demonized once again. Elected officials began holding hands with terrorists while citizens were hung out to dry. Crime flourished and criminals became emboldened to the point that widespread looting, burning of property, injury and even death of innocent bystanders, business owners and residents became common place in America.


Local elected officials gave LEOs orders to stand down when rioting mobs began roaming the streets and citizens in places like St. Louis, Missouri where an armed husband and wife faced down a BLM mob trespassing on private property in a gated community. The couple was charged and the mob remains free.


In Kenosha, Wisconsin an armed 17 year old boy was attacked by 3 felons (1 armed) while protecting a business that had been previously burned. Fearing for his life, he ended up shooting his 3 attackers, killing 2 and was arrested for murder. The BLM mob remains free to continue their reign of terror again because elected officials allowed it to happen. The attackers were treated as heroes while the victim acting in self-defense was arrested and charged with murder.


In cities across the nation citizens are standing up to the unprecedented mob violence when elected officials threaten to reduce funding for LEOs and/or give stand down orders not to enforce certain laws or protect life and property.


Recent violence in the District of Columbia landing at the White House have drawn fire from President Trump for the mayor to stop the violence before federal LEOs will be brought in.


Leftist radicals, domestic terrorists, fascists, Antifa and Black Lives Matter are fighting a civil war with street rules from the playbook of Saul Alinsky who says to use their own rules against them as they will be unable to violate their own rules (loosely paraphrased).


All the civil unrest is a coordinated and organized attack on the government of the United States aimed directly at President Trump in an effort to remove him from office or make his administration ineffective. That leads me once again to believe that one person has organized a community of anarchists intent on causing the government to fail. I say follow the money and it will lead straight back to the source, which may be closer to the White House than you might think. – I am the Real Truckmaster!





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