Americans Being Played Like a Fiddle

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Americans Being Played Like a Fiddle


Do you keep asking yourself what in the world is going on with all the mayhem playing out in the media, online and livestreaming chaos, rioting, looting and assaults on law enforcement? Well I have been asking those same questions and today while searching for articles on Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals I stumbled across one that literally shed light on the events of today even though this article was published in 2009. The article is Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution, The Alinsky Model and was written by David Horowitz.


I thought it was common knowledge that a Wellesley undergraduate named Hillary Rodham an avid admirer of Saul Alinsky wrote her 92-page senior thesis on Alinsky’s theories in 1969 after personally interviewing him for this project. She compared Alinsky to some well-known names in radical circles, Eugene Debs, Walt Whitman and Martin Luther King and entitled her thesis “There Is Only The Fight: An Analysis of the Alinsky Model.” Cesar Chavez was trained for 10 years by Alinsky and went on to become the leader of the United Farmworkers Union.


It’s interesting to note that Saul Alinsky was born in Chicago 1909 and died in California in 1972. He considered himself a ‘rebel” yet his profession was that of a “community organizer”. He devoted his life organizing a revolution in America to destroy the system. In the 1930s he became socially intimate of the Al Capone mob and was taken under the wing of mobster Frank Nitti. Alinsky’s strategy was one of deception to promote social change. Alinsky’s focus was on changing the system of private property and individual rights.


America was taken by surprise by Barack Obama a community organizer in Chicago and a very astute disciple of Saul Alinsky who ran on a campaign of fundamentally transforming the United States of America. Obama summarized his campaign, “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Upon taking office Obama began by appointing known a communist (Van Jones) into top White House posts. In eight years Obama has used economic crisis to take over whole industries and attempted to nationalize the health care system. Obama used a single Alinsky principle that of taking power from the Haves and giving it to the Have-nots to conduct a destructive assault on the established order to accumulate power.


An SDS radical once wrote, “The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.” It is the accumulation of power to make the revolution. According to Alinsky the community organizer has a sole purpose to organize for power. He lives, dreams, eats, breathes, sleeps only for one thing, to build a mass power base he calls his army. He never names the end game but simply builds a power base to destroy the existing society and its economic system. He can organize a coalition of elements on the left to use any means to obtain the end. Policies are not important in themselves; they are instrumental – means to expanding the political base.


Not to be forgotten is Hillary who married Bill Clinton and later became first lady where she continued giving her support to Alinsky’s army. She lent her name to projects, endorsed Alinsky’s Industrial Areas foundation (IAF), raised money and organized events.


Obama at age 23 became an adept practitioner of Alinsky’s methods. In 1986 Obama was hired by the Alinsky team to organize residents on the South Side of Chicago, “while learning and applying Alinsky’s philosophy of street-level democracy.” The proposed solution to every problem in the South Side was a distribution of government funds. Obama went on to teach workshops on the Alinsky method until he went into politics in 1996. Remember Acorn – the voter registration drive? Obama later became Acorn’s attorney participating in a case to force Illinois to implement the federal Motor Voter Law.


Saul Alinsky had praised Lucifer as the first rebel who effectively rebelled against the establishment and won his own kingdom and compared America to heaven on earth – the kingdom of social justice and freedom. And compared to this heaven even America is hell. Alinsky was willing to destroy the values, structures and institutions that sustain the society in which we live.


Radicals camouflage their agendas by calling themselves at different times Communists, socialists, new leftists, liberals, social justice activists and most consistently progressives. The “Progressive Party” was created by the Communist Party and led by then Vice President Henry Wallace and was the chosen vehicle to lead followers out of the Democratic Party. Progressives rejoined the Democrats in 1972 with the formation of a hundred-plus member Progressive Caucus and the ascension of Barack Obama to the presidency became its most important political force.


Conservatives are conservative and radicals are dangerous because conservatives pay attention to the consequences of actions, including their own and radicals don’t.


This was a very interesting article that pretty much takes us through the 8 year presidency of Barack Obama and set up the attempted take down of the presidency of Donald Trump beginning in earnest in 2016 and continues today. Simply put the radicals we see in action today do not play by any rules but are determined to destroy society as we know it. They say what they want (true or untrue) in order to sway and weaponized followers to do their dirty work.


America did not see this coming but God did and is not surprised by the chaos happening on the streets of our nation. The pandemic is simply one more method to create fear and overcome resistance to the goal of the radical left – the overthrow of the United States government. Cries for defunding the police, abolishing the police and all other kinds of radical ideas do not matter. It is the ultimate and total collapse of our society as we know it. But rest assured it won’t end there, because enough is never enough. When Charlie Daniels recorded “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” he could have been talking about today in America.


People scoff when I write that Donald Trump is the instrument chosen by God for such a time as this to stop evil and become a sword to the spirit of political correctness facing America today. They think that we’ll just pick up our arms and go to war because that’s what Americans have always done. I say not so quick “little buckaroo”.


2020 is the last roundup, the OK corral if you will. It is time to call evil what it is evil. The upcoming presidential election is only 60 days away. One side wants you to think they are winning, the other side knows what’s really happening politically. Your life matters. Your vote matters. Your faith in God matters. When you have one side playing by their own rules and nothing matters except winning, it is time to use our most dangerous weapon imaginable – the Power of Prayer. We must humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways and ask God to heal our land, lest we perish. Our hope is not on man, government or any earthly being. Our hope is on Jesus Christ alone. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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