Why We Fight



Why We Fight

Anyone watch “Chain of Command” on the National Geographic Channel on cable? Over the past few weeks I’ve recorded several episodes and the other night I was watching Series 1, Episode 8, Part 8 probably filming ended not later than September 2017.

This is significant if you recall what happened October 4th, 2017 in Niger, Africa. A group of American service men were doing what their kind has been doing since the 1950’s – Liberating the Oppressed.

Yes folks, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen the Special Operations folks (Special Forces) were in Niger training the Nigerian military on how to protect their country from ISIS affiliate Islamic State in the Greater Sahara (ISGS).

They were training and advising Nigerian forces on aggressive tactics against ISIS just across the border in Mali. This was a down to earth look at the men of Special Forces, their living and work conditions and showing the impact they are having on a military that doesn’t want to give any ground to ISGS.

Well as I watched the episode progress it wasn’t until they got to the “barber” in the motor pool (I’m a motor pool guy at heart, having spent a lot of time in motor pools around the world). The barber was asked by the major (his commander) where he learned to cut hair?

Sergeant La David Johnson answered “from U-Tube!” They laughed and the major declined to get his hair cut at the moment. Sergeant Johnson was the mechanic for this Special Forces Team in Niger. His job was to check the generators, vehicles and keep everything running. He also bonded not only with other members of the team, but with local Nigerian soldiers.

The episode went on to show everyone seated eating chow (supper for you civilians) consisting of spaghetti and homemade sauce. The camera panned across the room with Staff Sergeant Dustin Wright, Staff Sergeant Bryan Black and Staff Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson all Green Berets and Sergeant La David Johnson, the mechanic all working to make a difference in what could be described as the armpit of Africa, by many standards the poorest nation on earth.

I had to stop the tape, rewind back to the “barber” as I realized this was a look at the last moments in the lives of 4 soldiers having fun and doing what they had signed up to do, and who would be killed along with 5 Nigerian soldiers by ISGS just one month later.

Also included in this episode was the memorial service held stateside in the chapel where each man was honored and remembered by their peers, and their families were consoled over their loss.

If you’ve never served, never lost a brother, a friend or listened to the 21-gun salute and heard the rendition of taps, while focusing on the Stars and Stripes, you will never fully appreciate their sacrifice for our country and for freedom.

What I remember at that time, the leftist cowboy hat wearing congresswoman, fueled on by the leftist media taking a private moment between the family and the president and turning it into a political hot potato and throwing wild accusations out as sound bites to further her so called political standing. It was simply shameful and disgraceful and set a very bad example for our nation.

I urge you to locate Season 1, Episode 8, Part 8 “Why We Fight” from the series “Chain of Command”. Watch it and learn from what our men and women in uniform do and why they do it – Humbling! Hand Salute! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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