The Cancer within Congress – Part 5

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The Cancer within Congress – Part 5

While we think of the partisan political divisions affecting congressional governance we are blinded to the “elephant in the room”. It’s not the Democrats, Independents, Republicans or Socialist parties in congress.

Sometime back congress authorized caucuses which allowed like-minded representatives and senators to form a sort of brotherhood clans or clicks where they plan strategies to further their individual and collective goals within the congress. These caucuses are even funded by tax dollars, as are the salaries of members of congress.

For example there is a Congressional Veterans Caucus which simply requires a DD 214. Congressmen who’ve served in the armed forces of the United States can join, and hopefully search for ways to provide better treatment and care for America’s military, although that may not even be a stated goal, yet it brings together men and women who’ve served in the military to work together in congress. That can be a good thing.

What has happened in one instance is the forming of racially exclusive caucus that requires its members to have a certain skin color and unless a congressman’s skin color is black, they are not allowed to join. Congressmen who’ve attempted to join without the prescribed skin color have been denied membership into the Congressional Black Caucus, which has today become a cancer within congress. They “pride” themselves on uncovering the evil “racism” throughout the government and today are instrumental in the movement to remove statues that they deem are “offensive” and reflect the past history of slavery in the United States. It’s as if removing statues will in fact remove history.

Those who speak out against their actions are immediately labeled racist and demonized in the media. They constantly feel that others need a history lesson and they have become the self-appointed teacher of that “history”. They don’t stop to think or they don’t realize that former slaves and descendants thought they could change history. They packed their families and their belongings and returned to Africa and set up a colony called Liberia. Check on how that has been working out?

We have been seeing all the demonstrations and organized rebellion supposedly in the name of student safety. We have seen what mob actions happen when groups are turned loose on neighborhoods leading into rioting, looting, vandalism and worse.

Headlines and news clips show individual members of the CBC pulling out the race card on their opponents, who vocally express their opposition to the CBC agenda which is to “reeducate” and force their version of black history on America; to hold police accountable; climate change and environmental justice; gun violence; childhood obesity; combating anti-semitism; election security; black colleges and universities; economic empowerment, free education, health care, and more for black Americans as well as high paying jobs without regard to qualifications for black families and their hatred of President Donald J. Trump and his efforts to turn the nation around to become a world leader once again.

Who make up the Congressional Black Caucus? Some are quiet and behind the scenes, while others orchestrate violent and subversive demonstrations and protests, and the vocal media hogs are on TV, Radio, Twitter and the Internet pushing the CBC agenda. Watch current events unfold and you may spot one or more of the 49 current members of the CBC as they show a clear pattern of subversion and racial bias:

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton D-DC; Rep. Maxine Waters D-CA; Rep. Sanford D. Bishop D-GA;

Rep. James E. Clyburn D-SC; Rep. Alcee L. Hastings D-FL; Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson D-TX;

Rep. Bobby L. Rush D-IL; Rep. Bobby Scott D-VA; Rep. Bennie Thompson D-MS;

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee; Rep. Elijah E. Cummings D-MD; Rep. Danny K. Davis D-IL;

Rep. Gregory W. Weeks D-NY; Rep. Barbara Lee D-CA; Rep. Wm. Lacy Clay, Jr. D-MO;

Rep. David Scott D-GA; Rep. G. K. Butterfield D-NC; Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, II D-MO;

Rep. Al Green D-TX; Rep. Gwen Moore D-WI; Rep. Yvette D. Clark D-NY; Rep. Keith Ellison D-MN;

Rep. Hank Johnson D-GA; Rep. Andre Carson D-IN; Rep Marcia L. Fudge D-OH; Rep Karen Bass D-CA;

Rep. Cedric L. Richmond D-LA; Rep. Terri Sewell D-AL; Rep. Frederica S. Wilson D-FL;

Rep. Donald M. Payne, Jr. D-NJ; Rep. Joyce Beatty D-OH; Rep. Hakeem Jeffries D-NY;

Rep. Marc Veasey D-TX; Rep. Robin Kelly D-IL; Sen. Cory Booker D-NJ; Rep. Alma Adams D-NC;

Rep. Brenda Lawrence D-MI; Rep. Mia Love R-UT; Del. Stacey Plaskett D-VI;

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman D-NJ; Rep. Dwight Evans D-PA; Sen. Kamala D. Harris D-CA;

Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester D-DE; Rep Anthony Brown D-MD; Rep. Val Butler Demings D-FL;

Rep. Al Lawson D-FL; & Rep. A. Donald Mceachin D-VA.


I say American’s are smarter than that. This nation was founded on the biblical principle that “All men are created equal” by Almighty God.

A group of congressmen and congresswomen forming to perpetuate a cancer within congress does a disservice to the very people who sent them to Washington.

The deep state is real and the Congressional Black Caucus is a huge player in that deep state. Since their formation in 1971 they have openly opposed presidents, they have by their actions encouraged racial tensions across this nation.

The CBC should look at their respective districts, and at the inner city violence perpetuated against America’s youth in places like Chicago, Baltimore, New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco, Miami, Houston or Dallas? Why do they not engage young people across this nation to formulate ways to stop the violence?

America has been under siege for a very long time. There is a concerted effort that is “top down” orchestrated racial violence against the Constitution of the United States of America by members of congress and the efforts of the CBC to encourage institutions of higher learning, school boards and teachers of America’s children to learn from a false narrative of a fake history that further denigrates and “dumb downs” America’s future generations.

It’s time for the Congressional Black Caucus and organizations that are off-shoots of it to end. Congress must defund and abolish this cancerous sore from its ranks. Voters must decide if the elected officials actually look out for voters or have ulterior motives. CBC members must resign from the organization and from the congress to stop this cancerous spread.  – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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