March for Your Life vs Gun Control

Kyle Kashuv Parkland victim

Kyle Kashuv

“The issue isn’t law-abiding citizens having a weapon. It’s the agencies not…

[making] sure that people who are criminals shouldn’t be able to acquire a weapon.”


March for Your Life Movement vs Gun Control

Let’s talk about the “March for Your Life” Movement also known as the “Sibling Marches” across America and the correlation of ending school violence as it relates to gun violence and fueling the debate for ending the Second Amendment for Americans.

Amendment II Right to Bear Arms Passed by Congress on September 25, 1789, Ratified December 15, 1791 – “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

What is the stated purpose of these events? The stated purpose is to stop gun violence in schools, right? How exactly is marching on city hall, state capitols and the White House going to prevent someone from taking a gun to school and shooting others? If you may say that it brings dialog out in the open and formulates solutions to the problem of school gun violence.

Isn’t it more effective to realize that much of the school violence is the result of bullying in the schools? How many times has someone watched, laughed and/or participated as a school bully assaults a student? Have you stepped in to stop it? Have you notified a teacher or school administrator? Has appropriate and immediate action taken place to stop the bullying?

The Parkland high school shooting is an example of a breakdown where State and Local officials DECIDED not to enforce the rule of law when it pertained to students. This involved a cohesive effort on the part of state justice officials, county sheriff, and county school district DECIDED to “doctor” the books in order to obtain federal and state grants and did so in a written binding document.

The Parkland incident was a breakdown where the FBI was contacted on multiple occasions, concerning one individual, yet did not follow protocol.

The Parkland incident was a breakdown where the school resource officer (assigned by the Sheriff’s Office) stood outside and did nothing and first responding sheriff’s deputies were effectively given orders to “stand down” while the shooter murdered students and staff, then tried escaping among the students. This is a breakdown where blame was handed out to everyone EXCEPT the shooter.

How many of these officials have been charged in the Parkland shooting as accessories during and after the fact? What has the media told us about this incident?

Since the Parkland shootings the false narrative fueled by the media is guns are the problem and taking away guns will solve the gun problem. It won’t. Guns are not the problem. The problem is when people use guns against other people.

What happened at the high school in Parkland, FL was horrendous and unimaginable to say the least. However it is something US cities with the strictest gun control legislation face EVERYDAY!

Want to stop gun violence, stop the gang violence of fear, intimidation and murder of low income and inner city families. Get these gang bangers off the streets and into federal facilities. Those who are murders must face the death penalty and they must be executed for their crimes.

There are federal and state laws against murder. When a person is convicted of murder, they should be given the death penalty and executed for their crime. Often convicted murders languish in prison for years on death row. Other times murders released after a few years, while the victim is still dead. Many state laws prohibit capital punishment, even for capital murder.

Who are the thousands of young people participating in the events? What are their ages? Why do schools across America involve 10 – 12 year old students into a national debate about gun control? Even kindergartners have been brought into the spotlight on gun control.

This reeks of something far sinister than students coming together in a peaceful exercising of their first amendment rights. Parents should teach their children right and wrong while in the home. Children do not have the capacity or maturity for reasonable decision making. They will mimic what they see others do and hear other say, but making an informed decision, no. When they are taught at a young age, they will be more prepared as adults to deal with day to day decisions.

Adults and teachers who knowingly take advantage of the innocence of these young lives and mold them into political ploys are forsaking the trust given a person in authority and must be held accountable.

What are the scripts and who is writing them? When the words coming out of the mouths of our children during these events parrots the misinformation concerning “NRA” or “2nd Amendment” as causes for gun violence in schools, then it will soon become apparent who is behind this political movement.

Who is calling the shots, organizing and financing this movement? Who pays the expenses of moving these young people to and from these events? Who is ultimately responsible for the conduct of these young people before, during and after the event has ended? Who cleans up afterwards?

When parents and teachers do their jobs and take responsibility for the children under their care, children will begin to see what is happening in their schools on a daily basis. It is up to everyone to stop bullying and violence in homes and in schools.

It’s time to focus, really focus on ending gun violence, not thru legislative efforts of restricting gun ownership, but thru education on gun safety and how to deal with an intruder with a gun.

The second amendment guarantees the right of every American to own and bear arms for the protection of family and against even an intrusive government. The Constitution has stood for well over 240 years and so long as we learn from history AND CHANGE, we will not be forced to repeat history. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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