Make Schools Safe Again



Make Schools Safe Again

During all the hype of the “March for our lives” movement it’s easy to see this as America’s young people “coming of age” and exercising their first amendment rights of free speech and peaceful assembly.

A closer look reveals something entirely different. The claim is that our school kids are really smart, and are speaking their minds, what they’re really thinking and their voices need to be heard. Really!

How many really smart, high school kids are living at home, obeying their parents and learning from their teachers?

Their goal is to move out of the house; go to college or get a high paying job with minimal work effort so they can live the good life.

One day they will become full-fledged adults, living on their own, working at a job, paying their own expenses without the assistance from their families or friends.

How many of the students marching actually understood what they were doing, or what they were saying – Gun control? Taking back our schools? Abolish the 2nd Amendment? The NRA is the problem?

These are catchy phrases, but what I read on Facebook was a post from a really smart high school student in relationship to the marches was “This should be about ending bullying. Bullying happens every day at school.”

More students can relate to ending school violence – bullying.

How much more does bullying at school occur in comparison to gun or knife violence? Virtually every school has a bullying problem, some of which leads to an explosive violent situation where student lives are affected.

Disrespect leads to bullying in all its different forms, verbal threats, physical abuse, even from teachers and school administrative staff. Student on student violence can be stopped and all it takes is someone stepping in to diffuse the situation. Student on teacher violence is unacceptable and must be stopped in its tracks. Teacher on student violence is totally unacceptable must not be tolerated. Teacher on teacher violence is unacceptable and must be stopped. Everyone has heard the “see something, say something” mantra. That’s all it is unless it is ignored.

Back to the marches, although the purpose of the marches was billed as “Ending Gun Violence in Schools”, the hidden agenda was another version of the leftist attack on ending the 2nd Amendment – the right to own and bear arms. This is the reason the 2nd Amendment exists to protect Americans.

It didn’t take long for the real leftists to come forward, praising the young people whose voices must be heard. We had President Barack Obama leave his shadowy perch, as well as expected congressional Democrats and even Republicans issue their decree on gun control. There were even references to George Soros and others who contributed funding so these marches could take place.

My question to you is this. How in the world can thousands on thousands of school kids, who’s biggest issue is “my hair” or “my clothes” or “my allowance”, how can these children organize, co-ordinate interstate marches, schedule and pay for bus transportation, lunches and expect to control the crowds who gather?

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that this is not about the kids at all. It’s not about stopping gun violence at schools, or gun violence in cities across America.

If stopping the violence was the issue, there would be massive backlash against organized gangs who prey on everyday citizens IN THEIR NEIGHBORHOODS, with threats, fear, intimidation, assaults, and murder. Neighborhood watches would organize. Neighbors would gather with neighbors, taking back neighborhoods BLOCK BY BLOCK.

If school violence was the issue, students would come forward to stop the bullying, and teachers would begin teaching history, science, mathematics, and how to be successful in the real world after graduation. Schools would enable armed intruder protocol and conduct drills on what to do or not do in that event.

If gun violence was the issue, parents would teach their children from an early age about how to handle a firearm and about gun safety. Children who are familiar with handling weapons would not become huddled masses, vulnerable to an armed intruder.

So the slogan “We’re taking back our schools”, I say “from what?”

Let us “Make Schools Safe Again”! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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