Open Letter to Bill Murray

Bill Murray


Open Letter to Bill Murray

I read your editorial about the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida speaking out since the February 14th 2018 attack on them and their fellow students. I’m saddened that you compared their “movement” to that of the anti-war protestors of the 1960s and 1970s.

What you failed to realize was that the majority of the students at the Parkland high school are not supportive of the objective of the wave of “gun control marches”. They do not want more gun legislation, they want safer school environment for all students in America as do most Americans.

I say most Americans because there are Americans who do not want safer schools. In fact those who organized the coordinated marches across America are playing on fear, fear of guns and gun violence to support their bid to remove the protection of the 2nd Amendment.

In America all men are created equal, yet some Americans have decided that they are more equal than other.  They have taken it upon themselves to use the gun violence at Parkland to justify their position that guns are bad and must be eliminated, at least from American citizens who do not use guns as a means of overpowering others or causing harm or death.

The anti-war movement of the 1960s and 1970s did not bring the Vietnam War to an end. No it removed American support from the playing field so that an unjust communist government had free reign on a people who wanted to be free and took that right forcibly away from them.

So the anti-war protesters have become a cancer in today’s society as college and university deans and professors. They have become older and wiser in their ways of manipulating the minds of America’s youth. They have been putting forth a false narrative that has changed world and American history. They have learned to shift the focus of the media away from the truth.

The Parkland students did not call for, nor organize these nationwide marches as we have been led to believe. The students who survived the Parkland massacre want their normal lives back. They want their friends and family back. Like many of us, they want America back!

Mr. Murray the organizers of these marches were not students. Adults with money and power both organized, funded and coordinated these events so they appeared to the untrained eye to be spontaneous, grass roots events, but not by students.

The students of Parkland and across America (18 years and younger) may be smart, exceptional and very intelligent, but they are not the ones who showed up to these marches. They were either working at jobs after school and on weekends, or with their families mourning the loss of family and friends, or they watched on TV.

The impressionable young people who were given promises of rewards and special recognition in front of the cameras were the ones who “showed up” or had ulterior motives like supporting abortion. It is not normal for an advocate for student safety to also advocate for removing the 2nd Amendment and taking guns to support abortion.

Our schools are safer in 2018 than they ever have been and the idea of ending violence in school should start with the violence experienced by students EVERY DAY in the form of BULLYING (student and teachers alike).

Bullying begins in the home, gets on the bus and goes to school. Parents can teach their children to treat everyone with respect so that we can end Bullying in schools and watch the violence decline.

Gun violence is a major problem in cities that declare themselves “Gun Free Zones”, and current legislation (US Law) makes murder a major crime. Everyone needs to stand and fight against the street thugs and gangs and assist law enforcement to bring robbers and murders to justice.

Mr. Murray your acting is superb and your movies are funny and a great source of entertainment (except Stripes). I suggest that you stick to what you know best – Acting (while we still like you). – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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