To Veto or Not?



To Veto or Not?

I must say I was encouraged by reading that President Trump was considering Vetoing the Omnibus Spending Bill. I know that had the president Vetoed the bill would have gone back to both the house and the senate and could have become law with the required number of votes. I’m sure the president knew that too, but afterall the Republicans had the House, the Senate and the White House. It was the only thing he could do. It was the right thing to do.

When the president announced that his hands were tied and he reluctantly signed the Omnibus Spending Bill to insure that our military would be funded with new equipment and pay raises, greatly disappointed me personally. What I saw, what America saw was a betrayal of his campaign promises.

The smiles on the Democratic minority leadership of both houses, as well as the RINOs faces said it all, they had outsmarted the “Negotiator in Chief”, beat him at his own game and the American taxpayers, the American voters would pay dearly now.

I was greatly disappointed that he chose to sign the Omnibus Spending Bill. For me it was a personal betrayal as I have been 100% supportive of President Trump. I posted that disappointment on Facebook and reasoned that he must have a plan.

What we saw was the president “caving in” to the likes of the Democrats and RINOs on the left. He gave away the farm, and threw in the farm animals and all the equipment with it.

Or did he?

This morning I read an article that was revealing and shed light on what actually happened with that public display of “defeat” by the president. (Remember failure is not an option for the president or for Team Trump).

The constitution says that the President must adhere to a Budget set forth by Congress and direct the expenditures as provided therein. Has congress in fact passed a budget? I think not.

So what is an Omnibus Spending Bill? It may have “instructions” as to how the money is spent, but the president decides whether to spend it or not and where it is spent. Ah Hah!

This happened to Obama and he chose how the money was spent and where. Wonder where it all went?

Well congress added all the pork barrel pet projects and they all smiled as they got what they wanted, or did they?

What if President Trump took all the money needed and took care of the military like he wants to?

What if he funds (and builds) the Wall like he wants to?

What if he funds and equips Border Patrol and ICE like he wants to?

What if he arms teachers (firearms proficiency and safety training first)?

What if he diverts funds for Planned Parenthood, Sanctuary Cities and ALL the pork barrel projects to accomplish all of the above and tells congress to stop messing around with his appointments?

What if he tells congress, while you’re at it fix DACA, and Oh Yeah pass a budget, before I direct funds anywhere else?

What if?

Read this article, based on the research and conclusions of the author(s) it would appear that the teacher schooled the students, again.

This is why our children go to school so they can make it past the “dangling participle” ……… so to speak. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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