Colorado’s “Red Flag” Bill


Colorado’s “Red Flag” Bill

I’ve been reading about the recently passed Colorado House Bill 18-1436 that has been sent to the Colorado Senate where it was defeated today. As written it was billed as a “temporary” measure to confiscate fire arms from anyone who is deemed a danger to himself or to the public.

There seems to be an option whereby the individual can petition a judge for the return of the confiscated weapons. I wonder how effective it will be; how long it may take; or if the confiscated weapons will be returned at all.

In light of the recent school shootings the trend across the U.S. has brought 8 states to adopt similar laws, with another 28 states (besides Colorado) considering similar actions.

I agree that more has to be done to keep our children and our neighbor safe, but opening the door for full scale confiscation is chipping away at the 2nd Amendment rights of every citizen.

What should be considered are mandatory fire arm safety classes for ALL citizens so that they are familiar with safe handling of fire arms, but also how to stay safe when confronted by an armed assailant. Classes should be taught for parents, teachers AND school age children.

This doesn’t mean everyone must own a fire arm. It means everyone should have the knowledge and confidence to act when faced with a situation involving fire arms as well as something as simple as identifying various types of fire arms and their intended usage.

An important consideration is enforcement of existing laws involving the use of weapons whereby injury and death result during the commission of a crime. Law enforcement must be given full cooperation by both the public as well as other agencies on identifying, tracking and apprehension of suspected offenders.

Equally important are punishment of the offenders. Does the punishment fit the crime and is it a deterrent against future crime? Where does capital punishment fit into the punishment phase?

Gun control boils down to crime control.

Will HR18-1436 if passed by the Colorado Senate and signed into law by the governor serve the intended purpose of saving lives? Will it do so without infringing on the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens to own and bear arms? If passed how will this law be enforced and kept from being unlawfully abused by law enforcement and/or the courts?

I think education of fire arms, not another gun control law is the appropriate answer.

Colorado doesn’t need another bad law, like the one on marijuana! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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