So You Hate President Donald J. Trump (Updated)

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So You Hate President Donald J. Trump

I get it, you despise Trump. You detest everything he stands for. You don’t like his smile, or his “fake” hair or his fortune, his fame or his having his own airplane. You don’t like his family (his kids or his famous model wife).

For you it’s personal. You’re a registered voter and nobody is going to tell you who you can or cannot vote for, right? Even though you’re a life-long diehard Republican you didn’t vote for him. I said I get it.

If you’re a diehard Democrat and you wouldn’t go against party. Your best option to keep things the same was with Hillary Rodham Clinton. She was a real woman running for president and her shot at it was stolen by all those Republican voters. Did I get it right?

Well if Barry had been able to run again everything would have been all right. The world would have feared us and Donald Trump would still be on the Apprentice and not even an afterthought. Isn’t that the way you see it?

Well the election of 2016 happened and the world fell apart. Donald Trump is a nothing burger who is going to get us into World War Three. Trump’s war on undocumented aliens is uncalled for, and that stupid wall is unnecessary and a waste of money that Mexico was supposed to pay for right? Trump is trying to stop refugees from the Middle East who are fleeing from oppression and want to come here to live the American dream.

The statue of liberty stands for the right of EVERYONE to come here if they want to, right? We welcome everyone to come to the land of liberty and share in the bounty of America, and Trump is denying their RIGHT to be here!

Don’t forget Trump’s treatment of women. He made fun of and called her “Crooked” Hillary. He even called a sitting member of Congress “Low IQ” Maxine. He looks on women with lustful eyes. His attitude about women demeans them and he views them as sexual toys (i.e. Stormy Daniels) or property, right? We must not overlook the fact that Trump hates blacks and thinks they are animals. What about Hispanics? Trump employees them in his properties and exploits them to make a profit. Trump must think pretty lowly of Asians too, because he called one of their leaders “Little Rocket Man” and has waged a tariff war on the Chinese and even with our allies in Europe.

But the biggest reason of all that you hate Trump is that he acts like he’s a Christian and even prays from the Oval Office. What a hypocrite! He lies every time he opens his mouth. There’s no way that God would allow a man like Trump to ruin our country. No way should Trump be president. Does that about sum it up?

Wait, what about his lack of military service. During the Vietnam War wasn’t Trump kept out of the military for bone spurs, so he could make millions? Now he isn’t fit to become Commander in Chief.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, Hollywood doesn’t like Trump. California hates him too. The mainstream media has his number and makes sure that everyone knows exactly what’s going on with the president. And the Democrats around the nation have organized into a giant community action group to resist anything Trump says or does.

Trump’s legacy is going to be that he tried dismantling the legacy of Barack Obama and all that the Democrats have worked to achieve for YOU the American citizens!

I’ve tried to sum up all the reasons I’ve heard as to why patriotic Americans like to hate President Donald J. Trump, so if I’ve missed a few – I’m sorry. I’ll do better next time.

I don’t speak for anyone else but myself when I say this, “I voted for Donald J. Trump”.

It’s been well over a year and “I still support Donald J. Trump”.

I didn’t vote for a “Sissy” to replace one in the White House. I didn’t want another politician who would say things to get elected so that it would be business as usual in Washington.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here. I did not take Donald J. Trump as a serious candidate. I didn’t think that with the huge field of candidates on the Republican Party ticket, that Trump would be the last man standing when the smoke cleared at the GOP.

That being said, I know that no other candidate, once elected could have held up to the scrutiny and misinformation war that the extreme left has conducted against an elected and sitting President of the United States.

Other presidents have been treated poorly during their administration and one was impeached because he fired his Secretary of War, so it’s no big shock that the left cries impeachment because President Trump fired members of his White House Staff or replaced Cabinet members, at his discretion.

Let me address many of your concerns about Donald J. Trump.

I’m not from New York and don’t know very much about him other than what I’ve seen on TV or read about online. I have read and heard that many have expressed issues with him and his personality. He’s too cocky, too self-righteous, too sure of himself and he attacks anyone who disagrees with him. I’d have to agree that Donald Trump has a personality that either draws you too him nor away from him. Those who know him well know that failure is not an option with him. That’s not to say he hasn’t failed because he has failed and miserably at times. Getting knocked down in the business world means Donald Trump gets back up and back into the game more determined than before.

This much I know that Donald Trump is a scrapper. Anyone who followed his conduct in military school knows that he took up boxing and took a liking to it. He most likely had no trouble holding his own on the street or in the business world where confrontation is a way of doing business and he has been quite successful amassing a fortune in his real estate and construction dealings.

For most of his adult life Donald Trump has been a self-made man with fortune that would make your head spin. Admittedly he has been a womanizer and as a younger man was often seen with a beautiful woman on each arm. That sort of comes with the territory for a man of means. Money can’t buy everything, but it can buy a lot, if the price is right.

Donald Trump is a man who failed in his first marriage, but didn’t let that stop him from teaching his children from an early age what it means to have a good work ethic and keep their word. His current marriage is a great one and he treats her like the queen she is, his queen and our First Lady.

There have been several attacks on the character of Donald Trump. What we’ve seen over the past year are attacks the like of which have fallen lesser men. The problem with these accusations of sexual misconduct comes with the timing and manor of each one. Women have been paid to come forward and publicly accuse the president of sexual misconduct from a time during his past where it “fit” the narrative of the so called victim. It matters not whether true or not, it simply came forward as a diversion to offset and discredit the president and his efforts at keeping his campaign promises.

The pushback from Congress has been spearheaded by vocal Democrat members of the Congressional Black Caucus and taken up by the media and spontaneous public demonstrations which are in fact organized and paid public riots designed to divide the nation away from the president and his agenda.

There is still leaks and acts of subversion which tend to undermine the president, and cause public outcry and I’ll be if you ask the participants why they are participating they will spiel the Democrat Party mantra to “Impeach Trump, He’s a Liar”.

If you look at how Donald Trump treats women, include his wife, daughters and daughters-in-laws then take a look at the “glass ceiling” that has been broken by the Trump Administration by placing women in key White House Staff and Cabinet positions. These are not simply women, but educated, competent women who are a force to be reasoned within the administration. Donald Trump does not hate women, of any color, heritage or background, nor does he discriminate against them.

Donald Trump says what he means and means what he says. He does not tolerate substandard performance in those around him or in his administration. His business model for government is no different than for his corporation. Competence moves up, incompetence gets dropped, only with government it’s more difficult to just let someone go based on substandard performance.

For those who are stuck on his lack of military service as a reason he shouldn’t be Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces I ask you to consider this.

Of presidents since World War II name a president

  • Who served in the military during WWII?
  • Who served in the military during the Korean War?
  • Who served in the military (active or guard) during the Vietnam War?
  • Who was drafted and decided to dodge the draft and flee to Europe?
  • Who went to school as a foreign student, but did not serve in the US military?

During the presidential campaign of 2016 how many candidates running for President had previously served in the military? One candidate married a draft dodger, who was later pardoned by a president that never served in the military. So your objections on military service don’t hold water.

I personally know of individuals who tried dodging the draft during the Vietnam War by joining the National Guard and they along with their NG unit were deployed to Vietnam. I know individuals who tried enlisting but were medically classified as unfit for military service. And I along with many others avoided the draft by enlisting in the military during the Vietnam War and made a career of our service.

Every day President Trump fights against the actions of the extreme left in order to fulfill the campaign promises he made to ME. He has fought to dismantle Obamacare; get my country out of unfair trade agreements; create a climate of change which brings American businesses back to America; Creates jobs where more Americans are working again; Changing the climate of the state welfare system, encouraging recipients to go to work instead; Securing our southern border; Strengthening our Armed Forces; Supporting Law Enforcement; even moved our Embassy to Jerusalem (as other presidents have promised in the past); while leveling the playing field between other nations and placing America first.

What I see is President Donald J. Trump doing exactly what I sent him to do in Washington – Drain the Swamp and Make America Great Again with the help of Almighty God, to whom nothing is impossible.

I give thanks to God for a warrior president who can stay focused on what is important to America. I am the Real Truckmaster!

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