A Look Back on Benghazi, Libya



A Look Back on Benghazi, Libya

September 11, 2012 – U.S. Embassy Compound

Benghazi, Libya

What we know –

At 9:40 pm (local) on September 11, 2012 the U.S. Embassy complex in Benghazi, Libya was viscously attacked by Islamic militants who set fire to the buildings and then attacked the CIA Annex. At 11:00 pm (local) an unarmed U.S. drone arrives over Benghazi providing live feed of the attack which killed 4 Americans Ambassador Christopher J. Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone S. Woods and wounded 2 more Americans. At 1:00 am (local) U.S. rescue team arrives in Benghazi from Tripoli and rescues 30 Americans.

It will soon be 6 years since the Benghazi attack and even after the Congressional hearings and reading thru various timeline and reports it is not clear where the breakdown occurred.

Clearly Obama administration placed the blame on an anti-Muslim video and even arrested the video’s creator. President Obama then called it an “Act of Terror”, but didn’t call it what it was “Terrorism”.

The Department of State was notified 20 minutes after the attack began, as the complex had been breached and a rescue team attempted to secure an aircraft in order to leave Tripoli and effect the rescue. Secretary Clinton was informed 4 ½ hours after the attack began that American’s needed to be evacuated. Hillary issues an official announcement condemning the attack and referring to the video, then sends email to Chelsea telling her it was an “Al Qaeda-like group” that attacked and killed Ambassador Stevens.

Beginning at 9:40 pm the CIA operators at the annex monitored requests for help and prepared to assist at the compound as the CIA base chief on the ground attempted to activate local Libyan security forces, yet held back CIA operators for 70 minutes grossly affecting the outcome. Almost 2 hours later embassy personnel are moved to the CIA annex, where the fighting continues. The fighting continued until almost 5:30 am at the CIA annex. The rescue team from Tripoli and Libyan forces moved survivors and KIA bodies to Benghazi airport and depart around 10:00 am. All survivors and KIA bodies were flown out of Tripoli around 7:00 pm (12 Sept) for Ramstein air base in Germany aboard C-17 aircraft.

The Pentagon activated the National Military Command Center 50 minutes after the attack began, even though the AFRICOM commander General Carter Ham upon being notified of the attack acted properly to order the diversion of a surveillance drone to hover over the Benghazi compound just 17 minutes after the attack began, he then began monitoring the situation from the NMCC at the Pentagon. The defense secretary and chairman of the JCS were not notified for 50 minutes due to having been in a pre-arraigned meeting with President Obama.

According to Pentagon officials all relevant commands and the four military branches were on a conference call roughly five hours after the attack began. The Pentagon has what is equivalent to counterterror SWAT teams nearby in Croatia (900 miles from Libya, and roughly 3 hours flying time) undergoing terrorist training, and once diverted they are heard overhead and on the radio net at Benghazi of not begin given permission to land. (This was later denied by Pentagon officials).

CNN Politics – 9-21-2015 by Erin Burnett


 The Washington Post – 6-17-2014 by Anup Kaphle


Fox News Politics – 11-11-2012 by Adam Housley and Jennifer Griffin


I didn’t get into the Hillary Clinton emails as presented by The Hill, yet I’ll include the link so you may see for yourself.

The Hill – 5-28-2015 by Ben Kamisar and Martin Matishak


The nearly 300 emails from Hillary Clinton released by the State Department last week are shedding new light on the administration’s mission in Libya and its response to the deadly terrorist attacks in Benghazi.

The emails include details on the work of Christopher Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya who died in the Benghazi siege, and offer a glimpse into Clinton’s concerns that she might have falsely attributed the 2012 assault to backlash against an anti-Muslim video.

I did read thru the Benghazi timeline with Fact Check dot Org as they bring forth the relevant facts in this case beginning with the State Department Timeline of Events https://www.factcheck.org/2012/10/benghazi-timeline/

What I have learned from reading the reports and timeline accounts in my opinion shifts the blame from what I thought was entirely Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s and spreading it equally on Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the JCS and ultimately to President Obama. It didn’t appear that this president took any type of leadership action, but when making his official announcement promised to use all available resources to punish those responsible.

The emergency response protocols which are designed to provide rapid response in the event of emergencies such as the one in Benghazi should have been a clear signal to bring on the rescue of Americans in distress, especially when the signal comes from an American ambassador. – I am the Real Truckmaster


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