After the Trump-Kim Summit What’s Next?

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After The Trump-Kim Summit What’s Next?

On June 12th, 2018 the historic Singapore Summit between President Donald J. Trump and Leader Kim Jong Un of the DPRK agreed to denuclearize all weapons, stockpiles and factories in an agreement that would reduce or remove sanctions on his beleaguered government affecting millions of Koreans living north of the DMZ. It’s a fact that since the end of Korean War hostilities there has never been a declared end to that war.

By Leader Kim signing a document pledging to President Trump and to the United States the voluntary, total, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of North Korea just doesn’t make it happen.  There must be action and results.

This is a great first step and here is something to think about – never before has the President of the United States and the Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea ever sat down or met face-to-face to discuss North Korea’s Nuclear Weapons Program or anything for that matter. This is a historical first for an American President, and a clear demonstration of the art of the deal by President Trump.

We must not get drawn into a false sense of security or think the nuclear threat is over, it is not. Before anything can change it will take action and it was President Trump who said it will take results on the part of Leader Kim and the DPRK.

Except for the meeting of the two leaders, we’ve been down this road with the DPRK before many times with KJU’s father and grandfather and each time the results have been betrayal of similar agreements by North Korea, resulting in sanctions which have hurt the people more than the government.

We can be hopeful that establishing a relationship between the two leaders of these two nations will lead to the action necessary to begin normalizing relations with the DPRK and the rest of the world.

The next steps are crucial and must begin with the DPRK and under close and verifiable supervision. The DPRK nuclear arsenal must be gathered from the four corners of North Korea, where they must be disassembles, loaded on ships for transportation to designated locations outside the DPRK. The equipment and factories must be totally dissembled or destroyed so as never to be usable again. All documentation must be collected, analyzed and then destroyed as well. An international team of inspectors must be given full and complete access to the entire nuclear program, arsenal and factories to insure this is done in a verifiable fashion. Once the process has been completed, then and only then will sanctions be lifted from the DPRK and international aid and assistance begin.

In the event of any deviation from this process must be met with military might (as needed) in order to bring the DPRK back to the negotiation table.

What is also hopeful is that the American people can lay aside their political differences to get behind this president in a show of national unity to see this as a truly historic event with worldwide consequences.

Americans do not have to “pledge allegiance to the Trump” nor even like the president or the actions which some find distasteful or bring up a foul taste in their mouths, but take out the mouthwash, swish it around a few times (2 minutes) then spit it out and move on.

I challenge the members of Congress to reconsider their present stance against President Trump in order to show the American people and the world that the United States of America is “one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. So help us God” (Sound familiar?) – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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