My Simple Solution



My Simple Solution

I guess all the money spent on training lawyers and legislators in congress has failed to instill common sense in our legislative body when it comes to immigration. So I’m going to have a stab at fixing the issue of illegal immigration, child separations from parents and even the unlawful practice of “lawyers” who instruct immigrants on how to appear to be refugees in order to enter the United States.

“All immigrants who unlawfully enter the United States of America will be detained, fingerprinted, mug shots, and personal data recorded into a central immigration database and deported to nearest immigration entry point. Second or subsequent offense will result in prosecution.”

That’s it.

Oh and one more thing, “American citizens who aid and assist immigrants to gain entry into the U.S. by fraudulent or other means will be prosecuted.”

I don’t play that “Ring around the Illegal Immigrant” game! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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