Blinded to the Truth



Blinded to the Truth

For the life of me I don’t understand how people can be so blinded and unable to see beyond the hype that would make a pig gag. Do you not understand that the presidency is not a tinker toy that you can take apart or put back together?

The media is leading the left (or vice versa) around dissecting the meaning of words or sentences like they don’t understand the language. The Congress is attempting to “handle” a president who will not be handled.

Before President Trump went to the Singapore Summit with Leader Kim, the left went ballistic over the meeting because the president didn’t obtain their permission slip. Then a so-called scandal broke out that was supposed to throw him off his game. It didn’t. The summit went of exactly as planned and resulted in a signed agreement to denuclearize North Korea, and even return the remains of US personnel lost during the Korean War.

The same thing happened prior to the Helsinki Summit with President Putin, once again the left went ballistic over the meeting because once again the president didn’t ask permission and he didn’t even tell them what he was going to say. Pshaw! The DOJ dropped the names of 12 Russians who supposedly interfered with the 2016 US elections. THE ACTUAL NAMES on the virtual eve of the summit! The summit still went of exactly as planned and resulted in an offer to review the evidence, if presented and even allow the Mueller team to assist during the investigation in Russia.

The media and the left are dumbstruck over the fact that the president took the word of another world leader over the lying words and actions of certain Intel leaders who’ve made it a habit of doing their own thing rather than their jobs and they lied to the president AND to the American public, time and time again.

If the world is a stage and President Trump is the leading character in the play, why do the bushes and the trees fight over who gets to stand where? Who wrote the screenplay in the first place?

It is the nature of this president to get to know who your friends are and who your enemies are. It is far better to have meetings face-to-face before the situation falls to avoidable military action. Negotiation is an art and President Trump is the artist.

“It’s a very imperfect world, and you can’t always choose your friends. That’s Life. But you can never fail to recognize your enemies.” – DJT

I’d say that President Trump knows who his friends are and he knows who his enemies are and where they stand in the scheme of things. Congress still continues to play fiddle sticks while in the real world they are playing with dynamite.

Since the Congress cannot unite behind the President of the United States, the president must singlehandedly orchestrate the action which will bring the best outcome for America. All the distractions, posturing and political bungling by democrats and RINOs in Congress makes it just a little bit harder to accomplish the president’s goal of a strong united front.

Americans can see past all the huff and fluff of politics to understand the importance of improving relations with other nations and their leaders in order to maintain a tighter grip on world peace. So while the nation is marching to the drumbeat of the Stars and Stripes forever, the obstructionists are playing ring around the rosy. Continue on Mr. President, Continue on – We are beside you and have your six! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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