Who Goes There – Friend or Foe?



Who Goes There – Friend or Foe?

In the military we are trained during basic training that while on guard duty when someone approaches the guard post at night and it’s too dark to make out the other person the guard is to issue a challenge, “Who Goes There, Friend or Foe?” It is to be followed up with the challenge code. The correct answer allows you entrance. The incorrect answer is usually from a drill sergeant just to see what you will do.

So the Helsinki Summit is being played the same way by those who think President Trump did it wrong. In their eyes the president betrayed the intelligence community and took sides with Russian President Putin, a skilled and cunning former KGB leader. The president should have sided against Putin and stuck a gun in his face and said, “Go ahead Punk, Make My Day!” Like Dirty Harry would have done. Am I right?

Well that plays good in the movies and everyone is yelling, “SHOOT HIM, SHOOT HIM!”

That may work in different settings or under different circumstances or in a perfect world. But we are not in a perfect world and everybody is not President Trump with an entirely different approach to the same world issues that has faced other presidents before him.

Look at events of the last few days leading up to the summit. After almost 2 years of investigation Assistant AG Rosenstein released the 12 names of alleged Russian agents who tampered in the 2016 election, just prior to the well announced and planned summit between Presidents Trump and Putin. Anyone find that a bit odd?

Senator minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has been screaming loud and clear for President Trump NOT to meet with Putin whom Schumer was seen having a latte with Putin in New York just a few years ago. Schumer and his democratic and RINO allies have systematically called for and actively supported resistance of President Trump over virtually everything said or done by the president.

The senior level CIA and FBI officials have been known opponents of President Trump and have done their part to channel false information, false narratives and fictitious documentation in order to find the president guilty of something, anything so he will resign and go back to Trump Tower in disgrace.

Now you want us to believe that President Trump is to call them “Friend” and Russian President Putin “Foe” and restart the cold war mentality all over again? I don’t think so and neither does President Trump who chose to call Putin a “Competitor” when it comes to oil production and distribution; an equal nuclear power; and possible ally in dealing with Syria it’s refugee situation and protecting Israel.

If that makes him a “traitor” as some of our well known and yet to be punished “traitors” seem to think, they are sorely mistaken. I did not see even one small Cessna loaded with a pallet of cash circle the airport at Helsinki, waiting for the Trump signal to “hand it over to Russia”. Last time I checked there was no secret flight plan of Americas natural resources like Uranium One to be sold and transported to Putin once the talks were completed, as some previous president has done.

What I think is this, when you are to begin negotiating with a person, company or nation concerning international and foreign affairs you don’t go thru the door firing wildly and expecting instantaneous results.

“It’s a very imperfect world, and you can’t always choose your friends. That’s life. But you can never fail to recognize your enemies.” – Donald J. Trump

So in the very real world of politics and in the spirit of cooperation President Trump took the common sense and realistic approach for negotiating and I wouldn’t expect a liberal, left-wing, RINO, Snowflake or crybaby to understand what common sense actually is based upon what is said in the media or on the internet.

I do expect to see many more of these Trump-style meetings with other world leaders to take place over the next 6+ years and a new world reality of dealing with the United States requires good old common sense and good judgement. There is still a lot of ground to cover.

The United States is no longer being lead from behind (reverse leadership) Obama-style where you push the unwilling or unable off the proverbial cliff before walking away brushing off the dust your hands have made and blaming it on the other guy.

Here in the United States we must decide if we want continued rebellion, insurrection and sedition or do we want to follow the rule of law as set out in the United States Constitution? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


One thought on “Who Goes There – Friend or Foe?

  1. i think the president boldness and realistic approach to issues would always make him comes out victorious over his opponents, no matter how they channel false information against him, because one with God is majority.


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