Respect versus Liberal Hatred

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Respect versus Liberal Hatred

It pains me to think that the small minority of Americans who claim to be liberal Democrats choose to act as spoiled two-year old kids. Maybe they were raised that way and maybe they in turn choose to raise their kids that way as well.

One of the first things a parent teaches a child is to be respectful of others. Don’t hit; don’t take Johnny’s toy; Don’t pull the tail of the cat; Don’t kick the dog; Don’t talk back; and Don’t mouth off to teachers, policemen or anyone in authority. These are American values that are key to successful relationships and established work ethics.

Back in the olden days violating any one of those would get you taken out back, behind the wood shed or if you were at school you would swiftly become acquainted with the “Board of Education”. You would learn about consequences.

So what happened? Do liberal parents just let their children do their own thing and hopefully they will make right choices? Not a smart way to raise a child. In that case Hillary Clinton’s book “It Takes a Village” would make perfect sense. Doctor Seuss, Doctor Spock and “Beam me up Scottie” would also make perfect sense when it comes to raising children.

One need not look any further than today’s conservatives to see the difference from liberals at home, in school or in the work place.

Conservative – Yes Sir, Yes Mame or No Mame

Liberal – Don’t tell me what to do, get outta my face

Conservative fast food worker – Hello, How May I Help You?

Liberal fast food worker – Whatcha want?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that honey is sweeter than salt, but liberals prefer to be the salt.

President Trump has initiated a series of tax breaks to stimulate the economy and its working. That’s called applying honey. Liberal legislators are promising when they take back control of congress they will reverse the tax breaks and raise taxes so that they can provide free Medicare to everyone. Free Medicare is going to be paid for by whom? That’s called pouring salt into an open wound.

I don’t understand how American’s can buy into the “free stuff for all” argument which makes absolutely no sense what so ever. One need only take a look at socialist countries around the world to see them collapsing under this state controls everyone and everything and free stuff for all only means starvation for the really poor.

It was not a joke that I said love unites and hate divides. Liberal mania says President Trump has divided this nation and must be stopped. Common sense indicates that President Trump’s love for America is drawing people in by the thousands, and away from the hateful liberal mentality.

When I see liberal logic in action after they have run out of words to say, they bring out the big guns, you know the Vulgar and Crude labeling and name calling for anything Trump or anyone seen as supporting the president. They have run out of criticism and because of their self-serving sense of purpose resort to their inner feelings. It would be better for them to remain silent so they are not looking like fools, than to open their mouths and confirm the diagnosis.

Conservative logic identifies a problem and associates it with a series of solutions, followed by a path to fruition. Liberal logic simply casts stones in a random direction and hoping they solve a problem which they are reluctant to identify or name.

Barack Obama was a man of words. He was charismatic, energetic and talked like the snake oil salesman that he was. When faced with a problem, he simply turned it around as a nothing burger. When it threatened to irrupt he threw other people’s money at it. When confronted, it was somebody else’s fault, he only inherited it. In eight years as a senator followed by eight years as president Obama was unable to provide meaningful solutions to very real problems facing America.

Donald Trump is a man of words too, but also a man of action. He also is charismatic and talks the talk of someone who’s not afraid of problems. He turns them into opportunities and already has solutions to remedy them. When things threaten to irrupt he grabs hold with both hands and doesn’t let go until a solution has been implemented and the problem has turned into success. On over fifty years as a businessman and real estate developer Trump has encountered triumphs and suffered defeat, but has always gotten up and back on the horse. During his seventeen months as president he has accomplished many firsts that have eluded the past eleven presidents and more.

Rather than engaging in politispeak President Trump has engaged in meaningful dialog which has upset quite a number of professional lifetime politicians who challenge his methods. On the other hand world leaders have been cordial at first and in many cases fully supportive as Trump implements his America First agenda.

Trump has a saying that “You cannot always choose your friends, that’s life. However you cannot afford to not identify your enemy.” For him that is easy because a majority of American’s support the president and show up at his rally’s and follow him on Twitter. His enemies on the other hand are very vocal in expressing their hatred of all things Trump, and are easily spotted. They are eager to be seen as the fools they really are.

President Trump has redefined the Republican Party as the party of winners and are continually gaining new converts. While the Democratic Party identifies as the “me, me, me I need my free stuff” party and are simply a rudderless ship without any adult supervision.

It’s time for Americans to come to their senses and support the values which will help ALL American’s achieve the American Dream, which is to “Make America Great Again”. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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