Who is Donald John Trump – Really?



Who is Donald John Trump – Really?

Take away all the hype and political bias and see who Donald John Trump really is.

His story is the story of America. Like many before them the Trump family migrated from Europe to America, hoping to create a new life for their children and live the American Dream. Life was hard and there were many setbacks as they settled in New York City. There was very little money and the Trump family home was built by his grandfather by hand. The die had been cast and the Trump work ethic was born.

Donald Trump’s grandfather died when his father was very young. Too young to run the family business, so a partnership with his mother began to shape and mold what would become the Trump real estate empire. As he got older he would travel to Europe and bring his new bride home to America and begin raising a family while building America one housing unit at a time.

Donald was not the eldest, but he began working in the family business at an early age before being sent off to military school where he excelled in leadership and in sports. After completing his formal education he went into the field of business accounting and did well.

After failing physical exams for military service, he immersed himself in the family business to turn empty buildings and vacant properties into exquisite and sought after creations. By the time he took over the family business and began marketing the Trump name, he associated it with high end properties and golf courses both here and abroad. Before it was fashionable to show pride in your work and sign your name to it, Trump Enterprises became visible along the eastern seaboard.

Donald Trump became a high roller, living the lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous and went through a period of successes and failures both in business and with family. He was a tough task master and never lost sight of teaching his children, instilling thorough business knowledge of the industry and a hardline work ethic in each of them. They started at the bottom, as did their father, and learned the business from the ground up. His marriages were flawed until he married Malania and they raised their son Baron to have as normal an upbringing as they could.

Donald Trump is old school for sure. He prides himself on making friends and is well equipped to recognize his enemies. I liken Trump to a Samurai of ancient Japan. His immense pride for his country is obvious and emanates in his actions. There has never been a time where Donald Trump has expressed shame for being an American. He has always been proud of America and having faith in the overcoming American spirit.

Whether you love him or hate him there are mountainous hurdles that must be addressed and solutions to be found that are outside the arena of “politics as usual” so that America can return to her rightful place of world leadership.

Donald Trump has come to know the power and faithfulness of a loving God who called him for such a time as this. Donald Trump has stepped out in faith as president and the result is that he has come to know God. Not a godly religion but a relationship with God. President Donald J. Trump is a driven man with the unique ability to stay focused and make his vision of America a firm reality. He has the knowledge create and maintain a successful business and turn that into making our nation once again the leader on the world stage.

Donald Trump is simply a man, like you and me, but with an uncanny ability, disposition and drive that has propelled him into the office of the presidency to change the course of human events and prolong our Republic until such time as God chooses and for his purpose.

Want to know what Donald Trump is like, ask his adult children or better yet watch their interactions with others and in their home life. What they learned as children has certainly paid off with dividend during their adult years. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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