Too Much Ado



Too Much Ado

Every time I see, hear or read about something someone said about something nobody really cares about, and it pertains to the president, his family, his administration or happenings in the White House I’m reminded of “Much Ado About Nothing” a comedy by William Shakespeare that first was a play, more recently turned into a book, then a movie with Denzell Washington, and followed by a remake of the original movie.

The plot of the comedy was two people tricked into saying they loved each other, a third person rejecting the fourth because they heard wrong about her. In the end the two couples are married (hopefully to the right person) and life goes on happily ever after.

In various circles and training scenarios a group of people will be seated around a room, often in a huge circle. The instructor will present a sentence to one of the group, who must turn and whisper and repeat the message word for word to the person next to them. That person then does the same to the next one. This process is repeated and then the last person must recite the message to the group out loud. The instructor then has the first person read the original message out loud and everybody laughs.

In light of today’s technological advancements the same thing still happens. The president uses Twitter to announce his message. Almost before his finger leaves the send button, it has been picked up by every main stream media outlet in the world who retweet the message and post comments about what they understood the message to say. Others will re-tweet without any extra comments. Still others will tweet a new message announcing to the world what the president tweeted, or at least their version of what they thing was tweeted, or simply an entirely different message from what the president said, whether there is any truth to it or not. And others will select what tweet they want to retweet and erroneously credit it as coming from the president, still the vast majority don’t even care about tweets.

The really determined, ignorant or determined to be ignorant will publish a tell-all insiders book about the horrible little secrets that everyone has a right to know about the president, his family or his cabinet. Everyone has a right to publish such a book, but has a responsibility to insure it is an honest and truthful depiction of what actually has taken place. Inevitably the writer will disclose their hidden agenda and their little secrets about how they obtained the information on the book, which sometimes is illegally obtained. These can be called undocumented allegations with absolutely no path to citizenship.

When things like this occur it can be expected that either the subject of the book or any one of the principle characters will respond with something pressing they wish to everyone to know about the matter or book that may need clarification. In those cases some of the remarks are truly unflattering toward the author of the book, and can be followed up with criminal prosecution.

Without going into details I only want to ask Omarosa, Omarosa, Omarosa = Where for art thou, you little pooch you? Did you happen to bump into Ocasio while flailing around down there? – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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