I May Not Be a Rocket Scientist

09-19-2017 Rocket Man of NOKO


I May Not Be a Rocket Scientist

Is it me or do I just see things differently?

While scrolling on Facebook I saw a petition urging everyone to sign to support American made rockets for NASA. I’m all American and I fully support building American technological wonders and apparatus but something clicked in my mind.

Didn’t just recently I saw that NASA was about to send a rocket into outer space………wait for it…….to Poke the Sun? Let it sink in……. Maybe I misread something or quite possibly they were going close to the sun, but to poke or touch the sun? How smart is that?

What have we always taught our children and grandchildren who like to mess around in the kitchen or next to the hot fireplace?

Don’t go near the stove! Don’t get next to the fireplace! IT’S HOT!

But I digress or regress or some other kind of gress, do they not know that the sun is really, really, I mean really HOT?

In this case why not let the Chinese, Russia or even “Rocketman” in North Korea send a rocket to touch the sun? Let someone else spend their resources to build their rockets and all the equipment that goes along with it.

Let’s hope it’s not a manned mission, because it surely is a suicide mission. See I said I was taking the Real Truckmaster in a new direction (Up is a direction right)? Call me crazy or just call me – The Real Truckmaster!


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