No Compromise!

No Compromise


No Compromise!

I have refrained from getting caught up in political news casts because of the intense misinformation being passed around as news. However I did listen to Liz Wheeler, a bright, very sharp young lady on cable whose “The Final Point” her closing monologue was right on target.

According to her piece the creators of the Constitution, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, were in agreement that our basic rights as given by our creator God had to be protected and wrote that in the document they were creating. They disagreed on how to protect those rights. She feels and I wholly agree that today we cannot compromise politically because the Democratic party has lost sight of our basic principles all together.

This brings me to what the bible says about not compromising our Christian values. There can be compromising between light and darkness. In fact darkness is the absence of light and to compromise would simply be snuffing out or turning off the light.

Politics is the art of compromise. Each side wants to win the other side over to their point of view. Only one side is willing, no is demanding compromise at any cost… the other side. One cannot have compromise without loss. For Americans to surrender the rights guaranteed by the Constitution is ludicrous.

The only way to counter loss is to fight and refusing to fight is submission, complete submission and thus not really compromise at all, it is surrender. Christian’s cannot surrender their Christian rights but to God. As Jesus laid down his life on the cross, Christians can willingly lay down their lives for the sake of the gospel and that is not compromise.

As I see it we are in a spiritual war. The enemy of our souls is cunning and evil, willing to do whatever it takes to win. Are we however willing to do our part, whatever is necessary? – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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