On President Trumps Accomplishments

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On President Trumps Accomplishments

There is gross stupidity going around online and I have decided against attempting to influence anyone else or change their narrow mindedness. As Mark Twain once said, “Don’t argue with stupid people, because they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

I think it was yesterday that someone on Twitter said, “Name one accomplishment Trump as done as president?”

Against my better judgement I decided to break my promise to myself and answer this “age old to a Democrat” question. So I thought and thought and thought and I couldn’t name one……….

The more I thought about it all I could think of was……

  • Trump’s first official state visit overseas to Saudi Arabia where he was greeted with royal fashion by the King of Saudi Arabia and denounced terrorism while bringing the Saudi’s on board to fight terrorism
  • His stop in Israel where he cemented once again America’s friendship and support of our ally Israel
  • He stopped in Bethlehem and spoke directly about state sponsored terrorism and what happens to terrorists who attack and kill innocent people in the name of god
  • He stopped and met with the Pope at the Vatican
  • He did not bow, apologize or shake hands with terroristic leaders during this 5 day tour
  • What about the Singapore Summit with DPRK Chairman Kim Jong Un where they both signed a denuclearization agreement that affects the entire Asian hemisphere and the world
  • He secured the release of American hostages from North Korea
  • He secured the return of remains of US servicemen killed during the Korean War
  • What about the Helsinki Summit with President Vladimir Putin where he put Russia on notice not to interfere with upcoming US elections and announced US oil exports to Europe in competition with Russian oil
  • Then there are Trumps massive tax cuts which are spurring the economy with a GDP of 4.0
  • He made it lucrative for US factories to remain in the US
  • His tariffs are causing havoc and considerable readjustments between other countries trading with the US
  • The restructuring of the US Tax Code will benefit all US taxpayers
  • He began dismantling Obamacare and eliminating penalties for non-compliance
  • @potus focus on illegal immigration
  • Trumps Executive Order on child separation doesn’t fix this issue, but congress has yet to produce any conscientious in the form of legislation addressing it
  • His stance on border security has not changed and there will be a wall and Mexico will pay for it
  • Trump has made it clear that African American voters are free to reject the failed Democratic Party platform and freely vote as they choose, even if it’s Republican
  • He announced that Americans worship God not government
  • Trump is clearly uniting America in the face of extreme political correctness at all levels

Democrats resistance has morphed into full blown defiance against a president who clearly loves America and is working hard for ALL Americans. We are seeing the same level of defiance from sports, athletes, entertainers and even the media whose sole aim is to prevent this president from governing.

So forgive me if I fail to see the humor in the flawed logic of the liberal left or the misguided logic of Democratic Party and I no longer care to discuss this with you because you can’t see the tree in front of your nose. You are not patriotic, nor are you logical in your thinking. It’s time for the entire Democratic Party to bend over and grab your ankles TIGHTLY because someone needs to give you a wakeup call.

Obama was and is a fraud who plunged this nation to the point of becoming nothing more than another third world country under a socialist-communist-fascist dictatorial regime, with his willing accomplices in Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, with Soros’ finances and the embedded shadow government that is being shredded one leaker at a time.

This will take the faithful prayers of ALL Christians to enable the spirit of political correctness to be exposed for what it is, a sham that God alone is taking apart.

When you stand for nothing you will fall for any little thing, remember “The Oath” – no expiration!

It will take the men and women warriors standing side-by-side holding the line with President Trump as we collectively crush the enemy of the people and of the Constitution of the United States.

Patriots stand tall while others duck and run for cover, or do nothing, nothing at all. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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