What About Trump?

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What About Trump?

So your view is that Donald Trump is a womanizer, a show off, self-serving, draft dodger, made money off economic downfall of yesteryear, not a politician and unfit to be president? Does that about cover it? Those are all assumptions and are a combination of fact, fiction and the vivid imagination of a number of people.

And I ask this, “What about you?” “What about your past?” Did YOU sing in the choir or something?

When Donald Trump was a child he did what other kids were doing and his dad sent him to military school to straighten him out. What did he learn? Discipline, team work and that “winning was the only thing”, according to his WWII military instructor.

Trump worked beside his father in the construction industry where he learned hard work, long hours, craftsmanship and taking responsibility. Do the job right and don’t cut corners. He went to college for an accounting degree before continuing in the company business, eventually taking over from his father.


Trump has made decisions that carry consequences, some good, and some bad. He didn’t let the bad decisions keep him down, but worked through them. Trump liked beautiful women and they loved to be seen with him. Those who married tired of his behavior divorced him and moved on. Yet Trump stayed involved in the lives of his children and taught them the family business the way he learned from his dad.


One misconception people have is that plastering the Trump name all over his properties, buildings, helicopter and airplanes was a vanity problem, when in reality it was a statement that became the “gold standard” of elegance and became his company brand name.


Donald Trump did not have to go into politics to become president. He saw that the country was being literally run into the ground, a place he was very familiar with. Like many others he had to be thinking “Why doesn’t somebody do something?”


Well he was somebody and he could do something, but it wasn’t until he was prompted by an unseen force that he actually decided to take action. His action was seen as a ploy, a publicity stunt, but once it was clear that he was in it for the win, it brought worry and fear because he had been with the movers and shakers in Washington. He knew the “swamp rats” and they knew him and his “Drain the Swamp” campaign was not just rhetoric.


Since becoming President, Trump has worked hard to keep his campaign promises, and urged Congress to get to work fixing immigration laws and funding the wall along our southern border. Politicians are steeped in power and influence and there are those who are becoming wealthy because they are in office. Anyone who threatens their power or control are seen as the enemy and it’s hard losing control and losing power, not what politicians want to do. Trump brings a businessman’s perspective to government and the effects have been positive, while resistance has increased.


Trump is not a pastor or a preacher or a “good old boy” that many have desired in a president. The swamp surely doesn’t want to lose their influence and have sworn to resist until the bitter end. Hate knows no bounds. That will prove to be their downfall.


America has been divided along socio economic lines as well as racially and Americans have been conditioned to think this is normal behavior which it is not. Under Trump’s leadership and at his prodding the national mindset is changing as we prepare for the positive steps to take effect and for the swamp to continue draining.


There is a time coming where those in power will be held accountable. Love Trumps Hate!


We pray that will continue to shower favor on our president and blessings upon the United States of America. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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