Nikes – Just Do It – Donate to Homeless Veterans


Nikes – Just Do It

Donate to Homeless Veterans

It started out like a bad dream, a nightmare really. Then “Colin” cancer took root in the NFL evoking a reaction from President Donald Trump in the tweet literally heard round the world that indicated kneeling for the national anthem was disrespectful and players should be fired. It would seem that the president’s tweets contained some sort of “fire starter” and maybe should have alerted the Center for National Consciousness so someone could send for the politically correct police to remedy the situation.

It wasn’t long before spread like wildfire across the board to include NFL boardroom, NFL franchises team owners, coaches and players. Soon it had infected public school sports programs nationwide.

What began with Colin Kapernick as his statement against social injustice was handed off the NFL players who supported Kapernick and vowed to continue until he was “given a job” back in the NFL. It was no longer about social injustice, as the overpaid social warriors began demonizing themselves and one even said he felt like a “monkey” as he signed his $93M “deal”.

Public outrage ensued over the blatant disrespect exhibited by NFL players toward the national anthem, the flag and the country. Calls for boycotts began in earnest as fans began burning NFL memorabilia, once prized jersey’s and tore up season tickets. Vowing to turn off the NFL until respect returned to the game. The boycotting has hurt the NFL’s bottom line, but the lesson was not learned.

Then Nike upped the ante as they chose Colin Kapernick for their “Just Do It” campaign. The outrage was immediate as fans began burning prized Nike shoes and other memorabilia.

It was a comment on social media where a retired US Army Colonel, a Special Forces soldier urged not the burning of Nike shoes but the giving of those shoes to Homeless Veterans. Wow!

What a novel idea, take Nike shoes so despised by incensed fans and give them to Homeless Veterans often despised and overlooked by society. Thus begins the saga of “Donate Nike Shoes” with an additional proviso – add a NEW pair of socks and hand them out to Homeless Veterans.

Another venue is the VA’s Veterans Stand Downs where veterans are brought in for checkups, clothing and medical treatment and such:

This would be a great way to incorporate donations of Nike shoes where they can do a lot of good. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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