Pigs in the Mire



Pigs in the Mire

If it weren’t so pathetic it could be called “comic relief”, but then you must have a comic, right?

We have had to endure 3 days of Democratic Ritual Suicide during the Brett Kavanaugh SCOTUS hearings.  Clearly orchestrated by Congressional Black Caucus members there were “whack-a-moles” posing as sacrificial lambs in a feeble attempt at disrupting the hearings for what purpose?

Cory Booker and Kamala Harris are virtual rookies when it comes to knowing how to properly act as United States Senators in a congressional hearing. By tag teaming the ranking member of the Judicial Committee they simply alienated themselves and exposed their idiotic behavior for what it really was, and thus giving Democrat voters an eye full of how far off the mark their Senators really are and how out of touch from reality.

Have you ever raised a puppy? One of the first things you want is that puppy to trust you to the point that it will not bite the hand that feeds it. Puppy Training 101, old school. Now let’s say that cute little old puppy is a St. Bernard. When it grows up you want it to find you if you become lost in the mountains in the deep snow.

Wouldn’t that same thought process translate much the same way with SCOTUS? Let’s say you’re a lawyer defending a client and your case gets elevated to SCOTUS. What do you think is going to happen in the real world when that St. Bernard turns around and bites you (metaphorically speaking mind you)?

Unless you’re the rodeo clown you surely don’t want your constituents laughing at you and realizing that they placed their entire trust in a congress where THEIR SENATOR is simply the rodeo clown.

Now off hand I don’t know if these two racially charged Senators (Booker and Harris) are in fact lawyers, but it seems to me that when someone gets a taste of law school in their system, they fancy themselves as some sort of super hero going after the super villain.  But once they leave law school decide to go into politics, and secure an appointment or nomination to political office it must be seen as someone winning the lottery or getting 3 bars on a slot machine.

It’s been said that everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame, and for the life of me why would anyone want their 15 minutes to be linked to the spectacle we’ve seen during the SCOTUS hearing and inquisition of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

There are those on the left who have made it their life’s work to prevent Judge Kavanaugh from assuming a seat on the SCOTUS, not because he’s unqualified, but because he is exactly the type of constitutional justice the high court deserves; America deserves.

These individuals have become “pigs in the mud” jumping in with both feet.  Wallowing around in the mud with all the other pigs for the spectacle of it?

It would have been better had they gone to acting school, where at least they would have received proper training. – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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