Nine Eleven



Nine Eleven


Every day is made by God and we have the honor of living each day as it comes. It is often necessary to endure unpleasantness when a day is shattered by anti-holiness from Islamic Terrorists, there have been many and in America it is Nine Eleven.

In 2001 I worked at a local call center in Colorado Springs. Our workers routinely set up conference calls between parties and this day we had a number of calls going. Our clients were prominent corporations and many had offices in the World Trade Center. As I prepared to leave the house I was watching one of our local news stations and was totally not prepared for the breaking news of the first tower smoldering as smoke rose into the sky.

When I walked into the call center at what once had been the old military’s Chitlaw Building I saw the receptionist had moved a television into the lobby, and several employees had their eyes glued to the screen as the airliner plowed into the second tower. This catastrophic event altered the lives of so many of our workers who were monitoring and recording ongoing conference calls until they suddenly went silent.

Outside everything had changed as well. The skies around the airport had become clear as all flights and aircraft had been grounded and fighter jets patrolled the skies fearing another eminent attack. It wasn’t long before an airliner slammed into the Pentagon. Still one more airliner flying in the sky seemingly positioning for a strike at the White House was brought down and crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.

Our nation went into a full defensive posture as President George W. Bush, the vice president and key Congressional members were moved to secure locations. That afternoon I remember seeing a live picture of air traffic control activities where absolutely nothing flew, except military air traffic. Life as we knew it had been changed forever with these senseless acts of violence against our nation and our way of life.



When I heard that our embassy in Libya was under attack I began watching and waiting for the might of the United States to send in the “Cavalry” and get our folks out of harm’s way.

After all President Obama had recently sat in the “War Room” with the vice president, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other cabinet members watching live feed on the elimination of “Geronimo” Osama Bin Laden and surely this would happen soon as we had military forces in nearby Italy and Germany.

What we (the American people) did not know was that Libya was in a state of turmoil after the murder of Moammar Gadhafi president of Libya and even after all other embassies and the Red Cross had evacuated from Libya.

We were told multiple times by Susan Rice and others in authority that it was simply angry people over a video. Hey we even arrested the guy who created the offensive video, but we had not moved to rescue our embassy personnel, even though we had moved a drone overhead to capture a live feed of the attack and subsequent battle that took place for over 13 hours and resulted in the loss 4 American lives (Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods) with other American’s being wounded or moved to a safer location by special operators without the might of the United States.

We were also not told about the orders to stand down, no one seems to remember giving or the military generals who were disciplined and forced into retirement for daring to ignore those orders to stand down.

The response of Secretary Clinton to a congressional hearing on Benghazi, “What difference does it make now” or the more recent claim by former president Obama, “Benghazi is just a conspiracy theory claim” are simply insulting by those who had the responsibility for the safety of American’s and the trust of the American people.

I’m sorry for the needless loss of lives and the irresponsibility of our government for letting us down in these and other instances.

Today is Nine Eleven and it isn’t going away! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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