“The President” – The Movie

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“The President” – The Movie

If they made it would you pay money to see a movie about the Impeachable President Donald Trump? I’m trying to be serious now, after all if Barack and Michelle can conjure up a Netflix deal that will basically be “The Jeffersons” as a reality TV show, and the Democrats are so hot on impeaching the president as so eloquently stated by Maxine Waters, why not? What have you got to lose?

I can visualize it now as European immigrants come over by ship, coming ashore at Ellis Island the family Trump move to and settle down in Jamaica, Queens, in New York City. They establish themselves as hard working Americans and raise their children up in the same manner.

Little Donnie is born in the family home and in time enters public school, but spends his time with his father Fred learning to work in the family business. As young Donnie grows into a teenage boy he and his friends like to have fun and hop the train into downtown New York City. Finding out about his son’s mischievousness Fred sends Donnie off to the New York Military Academy, hoping beyond hope that he will learn respect, discipline and how to behave.

Next is college and young Donald (as he likes to be called) begins studying numbers and calculations and he’s good at it, really good. After graduating he continues working in the family business, learning from the ground up all about construction, negotiating and business contracts.

When it’s time to take over the reins of the family business young Mr. Trump decides that the family name is a marketable item and decides to add it to the various Trump properties. This is a time of gambling on the success of various properties, and over buying which is an almost fatal mistake, but recoverable.

It’s also a time for beautiful women and Donald Trump can be seen at various social events with one on each arm. It’s also a time of marriage; a time of womanizing; a time of raising children into the family business just as his father did with him – starting from the ground and gradually working their way up the ladder of success.

Yes I can see that in many ways Donald Trump grew up as did many others in and around New York City and became a self-made man in his own right. Over the years he learned and loved to win. Winning was not just everything, it was the only thing.

After failed marriages and affairs Donald Trump began to settle down and married Melania. Together they had a son and have sheltered him from public scrutiny while raising him in the Trump Tower atmosphere.

I haven’t thought about script writers or a casting director, but the narrative is pretty straight forward for a TV series along the lines of “The West Wing” or “Madam Secretary”?

Casting would be a challenge with all the Hollywood types speaking out against the president, but with a lead actor like James Woods to play Donald Trump, I’m sure others would jump at the chance to play the villainous members of the press, the public and the Congress. Maybe we should make it into a romantic-comedy or along the lines of the Christian movie “Courageous”? Maybe too it could lead into an animated cartoon series too (So many artists out there).

I’d like to see play the lead – James Woods because of his passion and acting ability and I know that he would take the part of the character seriously.

I’m thinking that since no Hollywood production company would want to become involved it would almost have to come down to private donors to finance the production, or possibly sponsors from Pro-American businesses and corporations who support President Trump.

I think it would be a great story line for a movie about how Donald Trump was raised, lived the billionaire lifestyle and rose to become President of the United States. Although still in its rough formative stages but there is plenty of material. So much so that it should probably double as a TV series before leading into a full-fledged movie. Maybe hold the movie idea until say after the 2024 elections, but while the economy is at its finest.

Rough Story Outline:

  • Trump family migration to America and settling down in Jamaica, Queens, New York.
  • Young Donald in public, military school, and college.
  • Donald the builder (working the family business).
  • The Donald – The Negotiator
    • Married life, womanizing, and settling down
    • Trump Politics
    • Trump Empire
    • The Apprentice
    • Trump Helping Others
  • Donald Trump
    • The 2015-2016 Campaign
    • Winning the Election
  • The President
    • Controversy
      • Tweeting
      • Kneelers
      • Fake News
      • Hollywood
      • Congress
      • NFL
    • Governing
      • National Security
        • The Wall
        • Immigration
        • DACA
        • Family Separation
      • Congress
        • Democrats
        • Republicans
        • RINOs
      • Appointments
      • Foreign Policy
      • Economy
        • Jobs
        • Tax Cuts
        • Deregulation
      • Negotiating
        • DPRK
        • Russia
        • China
        • NATO
        • G7
        • Israel
        • Palestine
        • Tariffs

I’d have to give this some more serious thought, or find a contact willing to step forward and make it a reality! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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