Accusations of Sexual Assault


Accusations of Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is a crime that affects the victim for a lifetime. Sexual assault is morally wrong and must be taken seriously. False accusations of sexual assault are also a crime that affects its victim for a lifetime and is virtually impossible to reverse. The family members of the victims of sexual assault are also affected for a lifetime.

Anyone who has been accused falsely of sexual abuse or assault can tell you that the accuser made a conscious decision because of anger, jealousy or financial gain. Once it has been found that their charges are baseless they are suddenly sorry, but the damage is irreversible. There is no place in the public forum for accusations.

What is being played out today with Judge Brett Kavanaugh is purely politically motivated in an attempt to extort and manipulate the administration of government by corrupt legislative officials. This tactic has been played out many times before during the confirmation hearings of other male SCOTUS nominees.

It is hard to believe that a college or university professor holding a doctorate degree would be foolish enough to come forward without evidence of previously filed criminal charges or police reports in light of the fact that her father was a prominent attorney at the time of the alleged event. It is also hard to believe that an ulterior motive could stem from the mother of the accused having been a prominent judge who presided over a foreclosure proceeding of the accuser’s parents.

What is also unbelievable is that Doctor Ford would have to obtain help from the university where she works to draft up these alleged charges because she could no longer remember critical details which were not seared into her brain after her “traumatic” event.

(I can tell you this that on a day in August or September 1974 I was assaulted and robbed in broad daylight on the streets of Colon, Panama by two men who left me lying on the ground after relieving me of my wallet. I could not identify them to the police officer who was one block away from the assault at the time. The event is still very much a part of my memory, although the exact date escapes me.)

What is possible is that the accuser was in fact sexually assaulted at a party when she was under the influence of alcohol or drugs by a man or men she could not identify at the time.

Some 36  years later when this political opportunity presented itself, her motivation could have been financial gain or her reaction to the infamous “Trump Derangement Syndrome” she suffered by the loss of Hillary Clinton to President Donald Trump.

In the past 2 weeks there have been several politically motivated copycat false reports coming forth and it is easy to see them for what they are.

When someone is sexually assaulted they must be able to report it without fear of retribution or humiliation at the time. There must be accountability through verbal, written, medical and legal reports that form the basis of evidence so the judicial process can begin. Without the evidence it is foolish to think that coming forward during a political process can be seen for the political stunt that it is.

Full accountability is required. Sexual assault is a serious crime and falsely accusing someone is also a serious crime that must be taken just as seriously. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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