American Congressional Bully Tactics



American Congressional Bully Tactics

Much has been written on the “Chicago-Style Bullying” of Al Capone and others who asserted themselves into the fabric of America. Their lawlessness was brought to a screeching halt either by their peers or by law enforcement only to resurface by the junior Democrat Senator Barack Obama from Chicago, Illinois whose presidential campaign promised the fundamental change of America. Oh what a change it was utilizing the blueprint of Saul Alinsky and after 8 years what was needed to complete the process would have required another 8 years under Hillary Clinton.

The election of President Donald Trump put a stop to the fundamental change concept as he began dismantling the political correctness and control of the Democrat AND Republican Parties over America.

During the past 2 years we have seen a complete disregard for the Constitution and the laws of our nation by extremists and even legislators in Congress. We have reverted back to the era reminiscent of the wild days of prohibition; only on steroids where law makers are now blatant law breakers and corruption at the highest levels of law enforcement render the hands of justice shackled.

The threat is real. America and the American way of life hang in the balance. When criminals roam the streets of America (and they do); when American families are no longer safe in the sanctity of their homes (and they are not); when immigration is no longer controlled (it is not); when voter registration is corrupted (it is); and when apathy rules the day – Americans must regain control or face extinction.

A real problem is that the Congress is divided. (A house divided cannot stand!) There are political party divisions and there are racial, religious, ethnic and special interest divisions – A total of more than 241 Congressional Caucuses that align Representatives and Senators against each other so as to render them ineffective and useless. There are Congressmen and Congresswomen who once they enter political office are determined to stay in office, in power and in control until the very end (the love of money is the route of all manner of evil) and power leads to money which leads to control and there is never enough!

The law of the land says “innocent until proven guilty” in a court of law.

What we are seeing played out IN CONGRESS are that mere accusations are not vetted through the judicial system, but brought into the public arena as a 3-ring circus fostering hatred and a mob mentality (Chicago-style Bully Tactics) that attempt to tear apart the very fabric of our nation.

Americans should be ashamed of voting into office or allowing this type of behavior from continuing. Call, email or in person confrontation to let your Congressman/woman know their behavior is not acceptable.

Members of Congress should be ashamed of this type of behavior from ever happening, or at the very least calling for the censure of EVERY LEGISLATOR who perpetuates these illegal acts.

The Constitution of the United States provides redress in the event of a government that is out of control and when the President of the United States is mocked, ridiculed and disrespected with open threats of violence and death it is time for this to be addressed, and with Marshall Law if necessary. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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