What Happens When Sexual Allegations are Reported?


What Happens When Sexual Allegations are Reported?
What happens when sexual allegations are reported? To Parents? To Medical? To District Attorney?
Statements are recorded, evidence is gathered and providing sustainable evidence is obtained and/or an admission of guilt by the alleged offender, a grand jury may be empaneled and an arrest booking, then before a judge and a trial date set.
When there is no evidence, and no admission of guilt the presumption of innocence rules.
When there is a 35+ year delay and only comes out for a presidential appointment the presumption of false accusations for profit and/or notoriety is reasonably assumed.
Why did said letter go to straight to a legislator and not to a district attorney?
Why did the legislator hold the letter for any length of time without turning it over to the attorney general or FBI?
Why all the media circus?
Why entertain any further debate?
Anybody who is not in a position to make a judicial decision after reviewing all the “evidence” is not qualified to set legal precedence in this matter.
Anyone who interferes or threatens another must be held accountable for their actions.
Those who pay another to lie and falsify information for any reason to include political purposes must also be held accountable for their actions.
The Senate must hold a straight UP or DOWN vote on Judge Kavanaugh.- I am the Real Truckmaster!

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