When is a War not a War?



When is a War not a War?

Am I the only one that wonders when a war is declared by one side and fought as a street brawl that the other side figures that ignoring the obvious justifies it as not being declared a war by both sides? Let me delve into this a little deeper. Since the beginning of time the first declared war was by a snake. The other side was man. God told Adam not to eat of the tree of good and evil or of the tree of life, but all other plants were for his benefit and he could freely eat. God then created Eve out of Adam’s rib and the two became one flesh. Along comes the sneaky snake who tells Eve, God didn’t really say you would die, this fruit will make you just like God. Eve took a bite and handed the fruit to Adam who also took a bite. It was then that they saw their nakedness and hid themselves from God.

The first shot had been fired in the battle between good and evil when the battle of rebellion began as Satan wanted to be God and was cast out of Heaven along with the angels who followed after him. They were banished to earth where they remain until the appointed day and Satan has been given authority over the earth.

God cast Adam and Eve out of the garden the same way he cast Satan out of Heaven, only God placed angels to guard the entrance to prevent man from ever gaining entry into the garden again. Next we see jealousy blossom into murder as Cain killed Abel and the cycle continues to this day.

So many people have been conquered when one decides to go after what another has. Often there is on pre-warning or notice of intent to attack, simply a surprise strike where winner takes all. In America we are oh so much more civilized in that we must notify our enemy of our displeasure and then we go after them with everything at our disposal. In fact in today’s society we must file an eviction notice and give 15 days or more for the other party to leave the premises. If the dispute is over land, then it’s go in with guns a blazing! Often they don’t even see it coming.

Remember the Alamo! Wounded Knee! San Juan Hill! Pearl Harbor!

General George Patton said it best that it is not patriotic to die for your country, but to make the other guy die for his.

What we see today is that one side declared war on the other more than 80 years ago and still nobody bothered to see if anyone got the memo. The Democrat Party declared war on the Republican Party and is fighting with every dirty trick in the book and then some, but the Republican Party seems to be a stickler for something like the Rule of Law, while the Democrats have picked up the Constitution and are using it as a sledgehammer in a street brawl. In a duel there are rules, stand back to back, take 20 paces, turn and fire. Last man standing wins. In a street brawl the rules are, there are no rules. We have long forgotten the rules of war (the Rules of Engagement), but we must not forget BENGHAZI! – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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