An Invasion of Migrant Proportions – The Caravan



An Invasion of Migrant Proportions – The Caravan


As expected during a major US election process we have an impending crisis that is going to hit the US southern border in about 15 days. This is when literally thousands of poor migrant “peasants” converge upon US border crossings demanding to be let into the United States. In short, that about sums up the situation portrayed on major main stream news outlets across the nation and around the world.


I’m sure that there are no outside influences to this “spontaneous” flux of people from a number of Central American nations who want to cash in on the “American Dream”. Yes, these “immigrants” are going to present themselves to US Border Patrol agents and claim “asylum” because it has worked for some in the recent past.


But think about it. What is wrong with this picture? Literally, all the pictures I’ve seen are those of young military age MEN waving banners and verbalizing their displeasure and disrespect for a nation they assume will accept them with open arms. Where are all the women and children?


What is more obvious is the fact that someone has to finance this huge operation. It takes literally thousands of US dollars to move an army to training locations across the US and these “peasants” are “walking across Central America” with nothing?


Where are they getting bottled water; food; housing; transportation; pesos for other necessities such as medical treatment or medicine for illnesses? Do they call ahead to McDonald’s for takeout or to Jimmy Johns for delivery? Do they get fries with their orders?


What are they leaving in their wake? Are these “homeless” foreigners just living off the land? 2,000 – 10,000 people taking liberty on the streets, fields, passageways, or wherever to do #1 and #2 will leave a serious “footprint” indicating where they have travelled. Do they have “Federallies” trailing along behind on “cleanup” details?


There is a lot of logistical pre-planning for a movement of this magnitude. There has to be an identifiable and designated route where overnight stops and resupply points are pre-stocked awaiting the arrival of these “migrants”. They are not immigrants, but moving as a migrant workforce and somebody(s) must foot the bill or “grease the wheel” for their continued movement northward.


There are multiple places where US Consulates and US Embassy are located and any individual who truly wants to immigrate can go and apply (including internet websites).


What I haven’t heard are Democrat Party leaders or political hopefuls speaking out pro or con concerning this migration force. I haven’t seen any of them going on radio or television or the internet challenging the authenticity of this “caravan”.


What I have heard is from President Trump, giving Central American leaders a challenge to stop the migrants or face the loss of US financial aid. I have also heard the president consider activating and placing federal troops along the US southern border.


What I suspect will happen is that once the polls close on November 6th, the anti-American protesters will come out in full force, led by Democrat Party leaders condemning the US use of force to stop these peaceful “immigrants” from seizing hold of the American Dream. There will be a considerable number of advertisements aired on the radio, television and on the internet attacking our government for enforcing US immigration laws and the Constitutional Rule of Law upholding US sovereignty. I also suspect this is nothing more than a political ploy to distract American voters and is designed to embarrass the Trump administration.


The liberal left has no idea that Americans are on to their tactics and during this mid-term election a number of un-American self-serving politicians will soon find themselves outside looking in as the United States continues righting the ship of state under President Trump. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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