An Act of War?



An Act of War?


No it’s not fearmongering. What happens when one nation engages in overt (covert) aggression of another nation with the overall intent to subvert the government of the other nation?


It’s not something one talks about every day, but historically there have been C.I.A. led “activities” in Central and South America which have led to regime change.


Other C.I.A. led “activities” have failed, such as the Bay of Pigs Invasion of Cuba back in the early 1960’s under orders from President John F. Kennedy.


So what is different this time?


For one the United States has been a divided nation since President George H. W. Bush ordered Saddam Hussain’s troops out of the oil fields of Kuwait in 1990, then followed up with military force which was covered on live television by CNN. It was the first time an American news team stood on the beach announcing to the world (including Iraq) a carefully guarded secret invasion. How did CNN know?


There have been many attempts to subvert the US government by groups of individuals and more recently the open borders push by President Barack Obama when he literally authorized thousands of “immigrants” to come to our shores and capped it with DACA.


Since the inauguration of President Donald Trump his stance was to secure the US Southern border, end DACA and call for congress to conduct a comprehensive immigration reform that would close loopholes and fix issues with our current immigration laws. This has been met with stiff resistance by the Democrat members of congress, and has carried a number of Republican members to.


Congress has the constitutional responsibility to create legislation which the President can sign into law but rather than fix the issues, congress has continually over the past 21 months resisted doing anything with immigration and has gone so far as to initiate and promote racial and class division.


On the heels of the strife seen around the world as a divided nation and because of the importance of the current 2018 mid-term elections and the upcoming 2020 presidential elections we are facing increasing attacks upon the sovereignty of the United States.


It has come to light that the president of Venezuela is behind and funding the “caravan” which appears to be made up of military age men and women who desecrate and burn the US flag and yell obscenities about the United States and is intended to reach the US-Mexico border on Election Day (November 6th, 2018), to apply for immigration visas?


If these initial reports are proven to be true this is indeed an invasion by a foreign power and will be met by US military forces stopping them at the border. What then is the appropriate response? Complain to the United Nations and a measured retaliation for Venezuela without adversely affecting the people of Venezuela, who suffer greatly under this communist regime?


I don’t know how the president will choose to respond, but respond he must with a declaration of a state of emergency and the activation of federal troops along the US Southern border and possibly a naval blockade or complete isolation of Venezuela? By definition this is more than just a political statement, it is an Act of War against the United States. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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