The Flash Mob Caravan Effect



The Flash Mob Caravan Effect


So this is all some big joke? Sending our troops to the Southern border is a big waste of time and taxpayer dollars? A waste of training, yeah right! Unless you’ve worn the uniform, laced up your boots and headed out to perform the mission, stop talking trash. You have two choices stand behind our troops or get in front of them!


If you listen to the liberal left talking heads you will hear that these are desperate people, families heading north to the US for a better life. Their poor, have nothing, and want our pity and acceptance. That is precisely the thinking that Barack Obama used when he became impatient with Congress and decided to issue his unconstitutional DACA executive order. He in fact tried to legalize unlawful entry into the United States.  It has worked so well in circumventing legal immigration and the US Constitution that literally thousands of foreign immigrants have poured into our country creating a host of legal, moral and ethical problems, as well as bringing in crime.


For the past 2 years President Trump has asked Congress to fix our immigration laws. He has pleaded with congressional leaders of both parties to take the initiative and close immigration loopholes. He has even allowed DACA to die a natural death (expire normally) and has been met with total resistance and subsequent inaction by Congress.


Unlawful immigration continues to this day. In fact the last group of immigrants was met with some brilliant legal minds (the best California could offer) to coach them through the immigration process in order to apply for “asylum”. These legal scholars did in fact break federal immigration laws and have yet to be held accountable or brought to justice.


This action has led directly to “family separation” where children were placed in “protective custody” while their “parents” (natural, unnatural & human traffickers) went through the immigration courts and in many cases were deported or jailed. This action caused such a commotion that an executive order was issued by President Trump to insure that children were reunited with their parents, but not the human traffickers.


The next wave has been this organized mass migration, an invasion where these poor, innocent and hard working families have forcibly pushed through Honduras, Guatemala and into Mexico using rocks and other weapons at their disposal defying the sovereignty of every nation in their path.


This has led to other “caravans” being formed and moving north using the same tactics as the ones before them. Be sure that these are in fact organized invaders who are being orchestrated and used for political purposes and pose a real threat to the sovereignty of the United States.


Many have cited the Posse Comitias Act that prevents federal troops from acting in lieu or in an extension of law enforcement, but doesn’t prevent US troops from stopping an invasion of our homeland.


People are seeing are not military forces going to a training exercise, of limited duration where they are to hone their combat skills and prepare for overseas deployment. These are fully trained and armed military forces moving to the US Southern border with orders to stop the invaders, assist the US Border Patrol in reinforcing the border against unlawful entry. There are military police, engineer, transportation (air, land and sea) forces who are capable of sealing the Southern border until the threat is neutralized.


Have no illusions as to the seriousness of their mission. Each member has pledged an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic and to obey the orders of the President of the United States and the officers appointed over them. So help us God.


Again I say to the naysayers that you can support our troops or cross over the border to join the invaders and in doing so will be associated with them and treated thusly.


So don’t give me this crap about “open borders” if you lock your house and your car and your finances so that others do not have access to them. This is just another method of gaining identity theft of an entire nation on the eve of the mid-term elections of 2018.


Do not let political parties scare you into voting for their cause. Do your own research, weigh the evidence and make your informed decision and vote as if your life and the lives of your family depend on it, because they most certainly do.


Ignorance is no excuse! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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