Voting is Your Right



Voting is Your Right


Every election is important and winning at all costs is not winning at all. If everyone was a “cookie cutter” voter and had all the same values and there was only 1 name on the ballot, voting for that one name would be meaningless, unless it meant the difference between voting for that 1 “candidate” and taking a bullet in the back of the head.


That is how voting has been done for countless generations in many countries around the world. It happens in countries controlled by a dictator or lifetime president and the government “rubber stamps” the will of the leader. We see this being carried out today in communist, socialist and totalitarian governments.


US elections are fairly simple when the Constitutional rules are obeyed. US Citizens can join a political party of their choice, or choose no political affiliation, but are eligible to vote one time in each election when they reach the age of 21, but cease to be eligible when they die.


So why is it when people gather together as a political body and it takes on a life of its own? In many cases voters are influenced by classy or nasty political ads, peer pressure and threats of violence or feel shame for casting their vote, and in some cases do not vote at all.


Many states have early voting, voting by mail, as well as voting at specified polling places. It is unlawful for anyone to intimidate voters at the polling place, or to alter automated voting machines, or to prevent someone from entering a polling place to vote.


The Democrat Party has pretty well mastered the “get out and vote” process and sent teams to insure unregistered voters register Democrat. They even assist in transporting voters to the polling places so they can vote. What crosses the line is when they insist persons intimidate voters to vote Democrat or prevent them from casting their ballot.


The Republican Party has not mastered the “get out and vote” process so well. Republicans feel that everyone should register to vote. They feel that voters should inform themselves on the issues and candidates and cast their vote in their best interests. They feel voters can find their own way to the polls and need no “reminder” of how to cast their ballot.


Independent voters may want the freedom to vote across or outside party lines without outside pressure.


All US voters want their vote to count and nobody wants their vote ignored.


It is illegal and unethical for someone to vote who is not eligible, yet there are some who think it is a game to register and cast a ballot for dead voters or ineligible aliens.


Presidential elections are different in that the popular vote tells the state delegates in the Electoral College how voters have cast their ballots. EC delegates are normally bound to honor the popular vote and the candidate who achieves the magic number (270) out of (538) EC delegates is declared the President-elect. Primarily because voters do not understand the Electoral College they are often upset when they popular vote is different than the EC vote, but it’s been this way from the beginning of this country and has worked very well to insure all states have an equal number of votes.


Tomorrow is November 6th, 2018 and Election Day in the United States and it is your privilege and civic duty to cast your ballot for the candidate or issues that represent your best interests. Don’t make it a Democrat or Republican issue, make it personal. Vote for the one who in your opinion will make your life better. Do higher taxes, more regulations or tighter government control over your personal life and your rights guaranteed by the Constitution make your life better or worse? – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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