Distractions to Take Your Eye Off the Ball



Distractions to Take Your Eye Off the Ball


The calm after the storm seems to be what we’re seeing today as the midterm elections are over (less the potentially and massive voter fraud we’re seeing in Florida, Georgia and Arizona and maybe California to name a few.


The Democrats have gained control of the House, while the Republicans have increased their numbers in the Senate.


President Trump has replaced Jeff Sessions as Attorney General with the AG Chief of Staff Matt Whitaker stepping in as the Acting AG until a nominee is submitted by the president and confirmed by the senate.


CNNs James Acosta is out after his stunt during a presidential press briefing. The Secret Service removed him from the White House and took away his WH Press Credentials. I’m sure that many in the press corps are overjoyed and relieved that it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy (sarcasm).


So now we have the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer both calling for Matt Whitaker to recuse himself from the Mueller investigation, and they are denouncing the president for appointing a loyalist as acting AG. The poor masses on the street are crying and begging congress to investigate the president for obstruction in appointing Whitaker and it’s quite obvious that they should have begun their day actually reading the Constitution, particularly the part about presidential powers of appointment.


This is shaping up to be a Thanksgiving to be remembered. Long and forgotten are the hot button issues of the 12+ suspicious packages sent to Democrats and liberal entertainers a couple of weeks before the elections.


Also forgotten are the sexual assault victim’s accusations against SCOTUS Brett Kavanaugh, although the pendulum has swung the other way on at least one accuser and her lawyer. Somebody might even get some prison time over it.


What is not forgotten are the hordes of immigrants who are drinking those tasty little sissy umbrella drinks in Mexico City before continuing their trek towards the US border station in San Diego where they will be met with the presidential executive order against unlawful crossers being able to file for asylum and I seem to remember the president telling them to turn around and apply at a local US embassy or consulate instead of at the border, where they would be denied. Some of these ungrateful immigrants have sought the US judicial system over the abuse of their “rights” as illegal immigrants to cross into the US. (Doesn’t that take the cake?)


I suspect things are going to get even more interesting as old legislators prepare to pack up and go home as the newly elected legislators are anxious to get on the job in Washington. (I sure hope they show up in D.C., and not Seattle).


One more surprise came as SCOTUS Justice Ginsburg is lying in the hospital with broken ribs after a fall in her office. We wish her a speedy recovery and healing and hopefully she will choose to retire or resign from the SCOTUS and take up waffle boarding or bungie jumping or maybe watching Wheel of Fortune on television.


It appears that #POTUS45 will have a busy schedule as his appointments and nominations are processed through the Senate, the US military assists US Border Patrol in beefing up the border fence, while contractors are continuing to build the wall one stretch at a time.


We must not forget that there still is a swamp to drain and those pesky Democrats, liberals and racial hate groups like Antifa and BLM are brought to justice and out of circulation whereby making America safer again.


Yes we are already into the 2020 campaign mode where President Trump has energized Conservatives and Republicans across the nation and apparently has no plans to let up now. I’m reminded of a saying by Mr. T who once said (many times), “I pity the fool’ and I’ll add to it, “who misjudges President Donald J. Trump”.


I realize that previous presidents failed miserably in performing their duties as president because they had no vision. No plan for the future. No advisors who could impart that critical knowledge of what could be, but instead focused on what could never happen.


President Trump came on the scene with a plan to right the wrongs of a government so intent on holding down the people it should be representing. Trump had not only a plan, but a path to accomplishing that plan and returning the government to the people, one de-regulation at a time.


Politicians do not understand how it is possible to do the things President Trump has done. They do not have the vision. They have not received their mandate (marching orders) or they do not know how to make it happen. I look forward to the next 6 years of the Trump Presidency and I especially love watching the “Make over” of America by a true American patriot – The Real Donald Trump.


It is not dishonorable to serve honorably in the Trump administration or the White House staff where you can really make a difference, because everyone knows that they serve at the pleasure of the president. They can choose to leave or do so at the request of the president.


I am not ashamed of my allegiance to my God, my family and my country and ‘I would willingly serve at the pleasure of the president” because I have been and always will be an American Soldier who loves the United States of America and chose to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. So help me God! – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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