Chain of Custody



Chain of Custody


This will be a short article and straight to the point. In both the military and in legaleze (I just made it up) there is such a thing as “Chain of Custody” when handling evidence, transporting prisoners and in the civilian world when dealing with such things as handling ballots.


If you vote absentee you generally get an envelope in the mail with instructions on how to fill it out correctly, where to place and verify your signature on the envelope. You are instructed to add additional postage if mailing it in, and insure you have enough time for it to go through the USPS system and make it to the county voting body in time to be counted.


If you vote in person you are notified as to the location of your polling place and what you are allowed to bring into the polling station to verify your identity. You are then handed a paper ballot or a form to insert into the electronic polling machine and instructions on how to cast your ballot and are given an “I voted” sticker showing that you did your civic duty.


So what happens next?


All ballots received in the mail are handled by qualified personnel who validate that the ballot has been properly submitted and that the voter is on the rolls for absentee voting.


All ballots collected at the polling stations are then transported in a secure mode and taken to the county voting center where they are sorted and counted and then secured, in case of a recount. I’m sure that state to state guidance insures they are secured and stored properly so that if needed for a statewide audit everything is shown to be above board.


So what is happening with Florida, Georgia and Arizona? Are the state election officials incompetent or just shady in their dealings with their ballots? Are they separated and marked “Democrats” (save for future count) or marked “Republicans” (hide and ignore)?


What has been revealed about Georgia is that wiping the election server has occurred after being notified of a civil suit? Do they not know that someone (an internet technician or software program), somewhere and at frequent and scheduled intervals does something called a BACKUP!


The same thing happened in the lost Hillary Clinton email scandal, yet Russia, Wikileaks and those two IT brothers from Pakistan were able to obtain over 34,000 documents with relative ease. Isn’t it sad that the only ones who couldn’t find those lost documents were the FBI?


The same thing is happening in Florida and in Arizona where although the entire nation has completed their vote counting in a reasonable manner, in Democrat controlled corners of these two states they are still finding buckets, bins and storage containers of ballots in trunks of cars and have collected possibly close to 100,000 missing ballots (probably more than the population of the counties involved many times over).


It’s time for a DOJ joint taskforce with state and local law enforcement to raid and seize ALL documents, electronics and computer equipment, cell phones and detain everyone in separate federal facilities where they cannot influence each other or coordinate their “stories”.


I have one reasonable request for the DOJ, please don’t assign this task to Special Counsel Robert Mueller as he apparently couldn’t find evidence of wrong doing until well after 2020. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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