Character Declared or Displayed

Character 1



Character Declared or Displayed


As defined by Merriam-Webster the character of a man or individual is defined as moral excellence and firmness. When someone is behaving in character they are acting in accordance with their usual qualities or traits and when someone is in a position or capacity that can also become their character.


What the Democrat Party in particular have revealed are actual characters who show their faces, express their opinions as fact and in fact reveal their true character as it relates to obtaining or maintaining their political position, or denying others their political opinions by calling them racist, homophobic or anti-Semitic.


The Republican Party is not immune in this regard either. There are those who would rather swim sideways across the swamp in order to make their name “stand out” but not against political corruption that is grossly evident in today’s body of Congress.


The American people, citizens of the United States as a rule have failed to exert their rights and privileges under the Constitution when it comes to their relationship with and between that of Federal, State and Local governments. We fail to see the importance of the checks and balances put in place when the founding fathers set forth upon this great experiment called a Constitutional Republic, the first of its kind in the world at its inception and the only one of its kind today.


It is because of our ignorance of governmental affairs at home and on the world stage that we are in the position we are in today. The stage has been set, events have been placed in motion and the entire world is ready to launch an order that will place all nations and all people under the control of a single political leader. There is but one who can delay or stop this process. All others are pawns in a worldwide game of thrones.


The current political climate in the United States is one of dependency upon the government to be the savior of us all. We have grown accustomed to governmental assistance when we have no job; when our livelihood is impaired; when factories cease to operate; or when farms and dairies cease to produce. We gladly take the handouts provided to appease us in the form of food stamps; unemployment payments to tide us over; governmental housing for our families; and we are so used to paying our fair share of taxes that actually fund our handouts. We pay into social security so that when we become aged and/or unable to continue working we will receive a stipend to help us survive, yet we continue to pay taxes on the substances we receive.


Yes our ignorance has made us ripe for the picking. We are constantly bombarded with “gun control” that will make us safe. We must surrender our guaranteed second amendment rights at self-protection as a means to defend ourselves, under threat of prison or heavy fines. All this while criminals roam freely also use threats, intimidation and murder to control their own little piece of America. We are told the government will protect us, when in fact it is those in government who threaten to overpower us for their own political ends. How can the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Cruz, Goudy, Warren or any other politician now in office change the course of events which they themselves have orchestrated, or newly elected officials who are not equipped or knowledgeable of the overall big picture? As I said earlier there is only one who can stop this madness, or protect us from it and contrary to what you might think it is NOT the government.

Plain and simple the only one who can stop this madness is Almighty God and we must place our full trust in him alone. We must pray that God will change the character of this nation by changing the character of our governmental representatives and senators.


It is not by might, not by power, but by the Spirit of Almighty God! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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